Destiny 2 | Beyond Light Preparation | How to Get Enhancement Cores FAST & EASY!

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The fastest methods to get enhancement cores in Destiny 2. Whether you’re needing them for masterwork materials, or hording them to prepare for Destiny 2: Beyond Light

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21 thoughts on “Destiny 2 | Beyond Light Preparation | How to Get Enhancement Cores FAST & EASY!”

  1. Could you possibly do an updated video or find a way to farm exotics? The nightfall ordeal this week has been kinda tuff. Would really appreciate it, since I don’t have many exotics

  2. Hey, just saying, enhancement prisms can be bought for 10 enhancement cores. In essence the part where you fill blue armor up to level 8(3 enhancement cores + 1 enhancement prism), you're spending 13 cores and getting 6 back.

  3. Bro I’ve been playing D2 since launch and I can say I never thought to do what you’re saying in this video. Probably the most efficient methods I’ve seen so far and this is extremely helpful. You definitely need more hype my guy. You’ve gotten a like and a subscriber from me man!


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