Destiny 2 Beyond Light Ghost Upgrades & Gamepass Details

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Destiny 2 Beyond Light Ghost Upgrades & Gamepass Details | Ginger Prime Gaming
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A Guardian’s Ghost is their most trusted ally and is tasked with keeping them in the fight. Your Ghost isn’t just in charge of bringing you back from the brink, it also comes with some perks and a wide range of cool looks to choose from. We have some changes planned for your floaty friends and asked Designer Mina Jasinski to tell us about what her team is doing to improve how you customize your Ghosts.

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  1. I played the game on my xbox and left a little bit after forsaken so if I where to install the game on steam can I link my account and all my progress carries over? And does that mean that beyond light will be available on said pc when it come out In November on game pass


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