Destiny 2: Beyond Light – Gameplay Trailer – Reaction

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8 thoughts on “Destiny 2: Beyond Light – Gameplay Trailer – Reaction”

  1. The ships belong to the true servants of the Darkness, The Deep, The Winnower, or whatever you want to call them. They caused the collapse, but was defeated temporarily by the Traveler. The Light and the Darkness are a balancing force. When the light grows brighter, the shadows grow darker. When the traveler awakened. The darkness must respond. There is way more to it, but I hope this brief summary helps.

  2. Eramis (the female Fallen at the end of the trailer) is the leader of the newest Fallen house. She wants revenge on the Traveler for abandoning the Fallen in their Golden Age, so she’s become a direct servant of the Darkness.

  3. So before The Fallen were known as "The Fallen" they were the Eliksni, a species on their own home world long ago. The Traveler came to the Eliksni and gifted to them a golden age just as Humanity had their golden age with the Traveler. Oryx eventually came to the Eliksni world in search of the Traveler to smite it out. Long story short, the Eliksni held their ground, but were defeated by Oryx, and as a result the Traveler had fled to survive. To the Eliksni, their god The Traveler abandoned them, and what came of their race was civil unrest and greed for power and control. From that, the many Houses began to form, fighting and competing against one another, and the Eliksni would become to be known as the Fallen.

  4. The Darkness is essentially death, while the Light is Life. In the lore there is a character named Ulan-Tan who proposed that in order for there to be Light, there must be Darkness and vice versa. He called that The Symmetry. Ultimately the Darkness would win, but the Exo Stranger (who you heard talking in the beginning) is from an alternate timeline and she saw the Darkness win and doesn't want that to happen here. There is an ingame lore book called Unveiling, where the Darkness speaks to us and tries to convince us to join them. The Winnower (The Darkness) and the Gardener (The Light) were in the Black Garden before the creation of anything (essentially before the Big Bang) playing a game called the Flower Game, where the game ended with a sing pattern no matter how it was played or set up. The Gardener didn't like that, so she created a new rule (The Light) and made herself into a rule in the game, The Winnower saw this as heresy, so to speak, and created herself into a rule as well (The Darkness). In basic terms, the Light and Darkness aren't really that different, only different by their motives. The Light wants to create life, while the Darkness wants to destroy.

    p.s. there is some leaked audio that is heavy spoiler territory that I won't get into, but does discuss this topic about symmetry.


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