The BEST Warlock PvE Build for Season of the Lost! | Destiny 2 Beyond Light

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In this video, I give you the long awaited Nuclear Guardian Build and it might just be the BEST Warlock PvE build for Season of the Lost in Destiny 2 Beyond Light! This build is wild! Gives you crazy ability regen rates, infinite elemental wells, damage buffs, it rains orbs of power and doesn’t stop there! Ticuu’s Divination perfected, Ascendancy CRANKED to 11, and the Warlock equivalent to Celestial Nighthawk Golden Gun give this build a try and have fun! Let me know in the comments down below your favorite build with Ticuu’s this season!

Know when its Helmet day and other helpful tools!

The Best Bows in Destiny 2!

The Nuclear Guardian Build:
Subclass: Bottom Tree Dawnblade
Exotic: Dawn Chorus
Helmet: Hands-on, Rocket Launcher Ammo Finder, Font of Might
Arms: Impact Induction, Thermoclastic Blooming, Well of Ordnance
Chest: Rocket Launcher Reserves, Argent Ordnance
Legs: Absolution, Orbs of Restoration, Taking Charge
Bond: Bomber, Distribution, Explosive Wellmaker

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14 thoughts on “The BEST Warlock PvE Build for Season of the Lost! | Destiny 2 Beyond Light”

  1. The Ticcu's is one of my favorite weapons, bar none. A couple things I really wish you would have mentioned:

    The hipfire arrows DO NOT HAVE TO BE YOURS TO TRIGGER SACRED FLAME. What this means is that you, and one other person can run a tag team of sorts. One primer, one detonator. This will effectively double your DPS.

    Also Warmind cells.

  2. As a arc warlock main Trinity ghoul slander will not be tolerated😭. No but seriously I came across your channel with your PVE bow video from a few weeks ago and instantly subscribed because I like your sense of humor not to mention the builds are very good. Look forward to trying this one out and I wish you nothing but success 🙌🏾


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