Destiny 2 | Beyond Light Expansion & Pre-order Bonuses GUIDE

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Destiny 2 | Beyond Light Expansion & Pre-order Bonuses GUIDE!

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35 thoughts on “Destiny 2 | Beyond Light Expansion & Pre-order Bonuses GUIDE”

  1. as someone who has no friends to play destiny with i have only played 1 raid and that was vault of glass in destiny 1…EVER so if we are not getting destiny 3 they better make raids possible wfor EVERYONE with player find like in strikes because i keep paying good money for part of the game.

  2. So, if I get the deluxe edition, and it says I’ll have access to season 12-15, does that mean I won’t have to pay again for “the witch queen” and “light fall” DLCs? Or are seasons just the battle pass and separate from DLCs?

  3. Pass. Beyond light is going immediately on the games pass. So why would I folk out more £££££s for the expansion when all you have to do is pay for the season pass every 3 month. I love my set up already so no need to pay a stupid price for something that will most likely be deleted. 👎👎👎 Destiny can't even keep you connected without the servers freaking out each day. Fix all of that and maybe I'll think of buying again.

    Nah sorry, I won't. Destiny is dying for me. Same crap day in and out then rinse and repeat. How about a destiny 3?????

  4. i buy the pre order pack because it's the most less money cost to buy from all the editions because korona and i don't want to waste so much money from my dad because i'm not 18 years old or beyond and beyond light itself have so much stuff waiting for us that when it lunches the game will change forever

  5. please!! make queuing easier. I don't get to do many raids or group things because I have such a hard time getting into a group. There needs to be something in-game that we can use to connect with others.

  6. I don't think beyond light or any other expansions will fix destiny 2 and its problems because destiny 2 is a really bad game and destiny 1 is way better!! Plus I don't like that destiny 2 has season passes when destiny 1 did not have season passes but I am okay with it having expansions!!

  7. I respect the fact that they keep the same game but adding DLC's and IMPROVING THE GAME. UNLIKE CALL OF DUTY, they make you buy a new $90 game every year (including all their DLCs), and the older COD gets obsolete. For someone who enjoys team deathmatch first person shooters, I got sick and tired of COD, but Destiny was able to fill that void, while scratching my Halo and Pokemon itch.

  8. The 200 dollar edition would be way cooler if it came with like an “exotic” engram lamp made from like glass or like salt to make it look super textured. And like have a yellow light inside. I would flex that so hard

  9. wait, so if i get the Deluxe Edition does that mean i’ll get the 4 Seasons of Beyond Light for free plus everything that comes with the Deluxe Edition?

  10. if you already own the upgraded edition of destiny 2 can you still get the f**** beyond light with the upgraded edition or will you have to spend more money to get the beyond like


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