Destiny 2 Beyond Light: Exotic Weapon/Armor Teaser & Datto's Thoughts

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Today, Bungie gave us a look at 10 new exotics, 4 weapons and 6 armor pieces, that are going to be coming with Beyond Light. Most of them seem pretty good. We’re gonna take a look at them and I’ll also give some pre-release hot takes on how I think they will perform in the expansion.

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37 thoughts on “Destiny 2 Beyond Light: Exotic Weapon/Armor Teaser & Datto's Thoughts”

  1. Just came back after taking a break after forsaken. This dlc really has me excited. The way they’re giving subclasses mods and the exotics coming actually are meaningful. And the future with the big coming back. Hopefully this will be a year full of content.

  2. How do you think that Warlocks got good exotics? They didnt, not at all. It is well known that dot exotics are shit and then we get a melee exotic with NO MELEE synergy. Warlocks got the worst yet again.

  3. Grenade Launcher seems like an obvious candidate for the season pass exotic like Eriana's Vow, witherhoard, etc. There was a leak that accurately depicted the titan overshield exotic and the hunter blink helmet and they also said that hawkmoon gets some kind of buff stack with every precision hit and then the last bullet in the magazine is a one shot to the head in PvP.

  4. To everyone thinking that the new hunter exotic (we're not even going to pretend anyone will use the throwing knife one) will be good or op, it's not going to be unless bungie changes how it works. Right now, it's not even a blink as it just makes your dodge invisible. Top tree nightstalker already has that, and hunter dodge has never been too viable anyways compared to barricade shield and a rift.

  5. Titan or Warlock: complains about hunters having a little bit more movement
    Also Titan or warlock: has Icarus dash or a charge ability, higher potential speed than hunters, supers that actually give moment speed

  6. the way i see it, titans actually look like they could potentially tank more damage than hunters or warlocks
    EDIT: it looks like all of the classes look like they could be more defined in their specific roles, the exotic helm for hunters make them even sneakier than before and buffs to warlock's "spells" seems to imply that they are trying to head into this direction instead of "what exotic perk just sounds interesting and fun that could go on any class?"


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