Destiny 2 | 2020 Fall Expansion Reveal Stream- Beyond Light & Season of Arrivals: MAJOR NEWS

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This is a recorded Live Stream from Twitch. June 9th at 12pm est. The Fall Reveal of Beyond Light & Season 11- Season of Arrivals. All Credit goes to Bungie & More news can be found by going to links down below.

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1 thought on “Destiny 2 | 2020 Fall Expansion Reveal Stream- Beyond Light & Season of Arrivals: MAJOR NEWS”

  1. ahhhh yes did you say unvaulted VAULT OF GLASS???
    I have been on the fence about picking D2 back up since switching from ps4 to pc. i had lost some interest in the game after season 9 so i havent played 2 seasons that i already paid for. im not mad just kinda tired of the repetitiveness. however i am really excited about the ideas being thrown around here as a day one destiny player. im going to download new light today and see if i want to dive back in.


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