Crimson is gonna be MONSTER (110 or 140 Buff Analysis) | Destiny 2 Beyond Light

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Many many weapons are positioned to be disgusting next sandbox in Beyond Light. However, Crimson might be the deadliest weapon of them all. Crimson will be part of one of the blanket buffs for either 110s or 140s, both making Crimson a MONSTER!
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32 thoughts on “Crimson is gonna be MONSTER (110 or 140 Buff Analysis) | Destiny 2 Beyond Light”

  1. I know we didn't touch much on Crimson's perks, as most of you know what the weapon does. I mainly wanted to cover two points: 1.) How will Crimson be buffed if it is considered a 110. 2.) How will Crimson be buffed if it is considered a 140.

  2. Crimson has been my baby since I started using it during the first alliance event. I feel in love with it during that time and it's been my main weapon since then. I feel naked when it's not in my loadout. Glad someone else is finally recognizing how good it is. It's not the greatest weapon in the game, but it's better than most people give it credit for.

  3. I'm not a pro or anything. but in my opinion I think crimson should go back to being a pulse just like d1 since the point of a handcannom is to only shoot a few bullets. let's take a dire for example, you can peak out shoot 2 bullets and go behind cover but with a pulse you need to stay in thr open since it requires more bullets. on the other hand pulses have substantially more range and the crimson both defeats the purpose of a handcannon and a pulse since It took the bad thing from pulses and the bad aspect of handcannons lmao

  4. Crimson is it's own unique archetype it's a 415 rpm hand cannon if it got its fire rate dropped to 220 then it would be a game changer for boss hunting because its base damage would increase by almost double and so would the precision hit damage multiplier


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