13 MUST-HAVE PvE Weapons to get BEFORE Beyond Light Drops! (Destiny 2)

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Here is my personal list of the MUST-HAVE and BEST PvE weapons every Destiny 2 player should have before Beyond Light drops! It’s a mixture of Exotic and Legendary weapons that are EASY / straightforward to acquire. No world drops on this list.
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45 thoughts on “13 MUST-HAVE PvE Weapons to get BEFORE Beyond Light Drops! (Destiny 2)”

  1. "easily obtainable" You might want to change that. Currently only 9.3% of Xbox players have EVER finish Leviathan Raid. That's right, 90% of the playbase can't finish a raid so Anarchy & Divinity are impossible. Xenophage and Izagi are near impossible and even trying to get a fireteam to do the Outbgreak or the JP hell that is Whisper and get the kill at the end in the time limit is not possible (I know I've tried a half dozen times) There is a raid progression, but even at the lowest level D2 knocks out 90% of the playerbase

  2. Easily obtainable? If has to do with a raid then it’s not easily obtainable. Many don’t like raids and don’t do them so those item are out. And also they are not a guaranteed drop which means grinding.

    So congrats on putting not so easy weapons on a list of easy things to get

  3. I’m annoyed because all I heard was the a few of the planets were going away then I find out the black armory stuff is going away when I’m I step away from getting Jotunn and Burden. Not a huge deal I just do t understand why that stuff is going away as it’s not linked to those planets.

  4. I have opened over 200 first in, last outs this season, and not a single one has had all 3 of the desired perks. I've had tons of duplicates, tons of combinations of assault mag, auto-loading, and vorpal, but never all 3

  5. Uhhhhhh… you said "EASILY OBTAINABLE." Divinity is NOT easily obtainable. Are you fucking high? Requires you can raid… and not everyone can… you know, because the PC community is 90% douchebags that require you "Know what to do"? Essentially locking EVERYONE ELSE out of raiding?

  6. You know I am not sure why people mention the witherhord. No one uses that shit other than fuck around missions like strikes, definitely not in any raids I been in. Well since they fixed the glitch that is. We don't even know what will be in BL so I am not sure how a weapon that isn't evfen used now can be counted on so much. Lucky for the season pass giving it though, lol.

  7. I found Interference GL to be awesome damage. It is not being sunset either. I use it a lot more than say Falling Guillotine for Strikes, NF 1080 Strikes, Levi, Dungeons and Heroic Quests.All the others I agree with thou. Great list of must haves. Also people, start getting your armor now before BL drops. It will get upgraded automatically in Beyond Light…


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