Concealed Void Lost Sector- Legendary (Beyond Light) (Season 14) (Hunter)

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Hey everyone and welcome to my second video on Destiny 2 Lost Sectors! This video is for the sector on the Moon and for Hunters. I hope this helps many of you! Any and all feedback is welcomed!

This is a walkthrough for the K1 Communion Lost Sector on the Moon!
0:00 – Intro
0:57 – Exotic Info
2:50 – Experienced Player Loadout
5:33 – Walkthrough
12:00 – Blueberry (New To Destiny 2) Loadouts
13:00 – Blueberry Walkthrough

XB1/Steam/Switch: LyftingTitan

If you enjoyed the video, likes are appreciated. Other than that, good luck out there and have fun! More content coming soon!

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