Beyond Light Changes, Road Map Update, & Festival of the Lost (TWAB) | Destiny 2 News

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Destiny 2 Beyond Light has been delayed and this week at Bungie list the changes that are going into place on the Road Map, as well as Festival of the Lost in Season of Arrivals.
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This Week at Bungie:

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30 thoughts on “Beyond Light Changes, Road Map Update, & Festival of the Lost (TWAB) | Destiny 2 News”

  1. They are able to fix things that benefit players within a week (witherhoard melting, double drops, nightfall master being 750 instead of 1080) but can’t fix real issues for months

  2. Why wasn’t the sotp sparrow added to the triumph the emto and the ghost was added to the other two raids. Bungie upset me with that because if I could farm that hidden chest I wouldn’t be so salty as I am

    Edit: it just like the cursebreaker seal all over again

  3. "Perfect beyond light"
    That almost made me pee myself a little you know that shit will be buggy af like literally everything they do!! 😂
    Ps good to see they're looking to finish fixing means to an end quest by the time the season finishes
    I gotta say one thing I love about bungie is they're always good for a laugh and are you really surprised they're being stingy and making you buy deluxe to get that shit pulse rifle that was always useless?

  4. What a missed opportunity this franchise is, we are on the heels of a 6th straight Fall expansion that will follow a year of disappointments and promises. Except the same thing in 2021

  5. Cross, what’s the point to grinding/farming when all our most coveted rewards will all have a shelf life moving forward? This even applies to future weapons/armor. This move by Bungie makes it feel like all a waste of time, you’re thoughts?

  6. Destiny 2 has always been ass. Bungie is a shit developer. They don’t care about us. I hate to hate, but my god if they cared about destiny it wouldn’t be shit like this for 3 straight years

  7. And this is why bunjie doesnt care about fixing cheating problems, because they know you wont stand your ground. Youll always come back. :/ its a lose lose


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