BEST PvE Titan Build for Season of the Splicer | Energy Accelerant Build Destiny 2 Beyond Light

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This build is explosive, and deals BIG damage while being unique and fun!
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This build has actually got me playing my Titan more and more recently, it utilizes a ton of new mods from the seasonal artifact in season of the splicer, but it’s main focus is pairing energy accelerant with crown splitter and ruinous effigy! Combined with warmind’s decree for warmind cell generation, and we can take on any PvE activity in the game, give this build a shot!

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Intro: 0:00
Energy Accelerant: 0:55
Fatebringer: 2:35
Ruinous Effigy: 3:25
Crown Splitter: 5:57
Armor Mods/Subclass: 7:03
Combat Mods List: 11:12
Exotic Armor/Stats: 11:50
Outro: 13:10

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11 thoughts on “BEST PvE Titan Build for Season of the Splicer | Energy Accelerant Build Destiny 2 Beyond Light”

  1. Looking forward to the warlock build! 😇 Hope it’s a little ‘end-game proof’ 🤞🏼😁.
    It’s been a long time, Grey! Nice vid! as always! ❤️

  2. You need to NEVER stop doing these. They're so well laid out, so comprehensive, and so powerful in the way you lay it out slot-by-slot. If you're playing on a Titan in Season 14 and Bungie still hasn't touched Energy Accelerant on either Crown-Splitter or Ruinous Effigy, this is THE build to use. Incredible work on this, Grey!

    Just a thought on the exotic of choice…

    With Stronghold focused on the sword and Ursa Furiosa focused on challenging, end-game content, Doom Fang Pauldron is also a contender as a great general PvE choice for the exotic in this ultimate build. While many associate it with bottom-tree Sentinel, its exotic perk does proc on the melees from middle-tree Sentinel, recharging the super faster and extending it on Sentinel Shield throws once the super is active. This leads to more Warmind's Decree Cells and more super uptime.

  3. Btw, if you tried to purchase energy accelerant while it was disabled, and it didn’t let u, so u bought something else, when it was re-enabled, it was unlocked for me. So I have 13/12 seasonal artifact mods available to put on my armor because of it


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