10 NEW EXOTICS! Complete Breakdown Destiny 2 Beyond Light Trailer!

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22 thoughts on “10 NEW EXOTICS! Complete Breakdown Destiny 2 Beyond Light Trailer!”

  1. It's like blink but not really because you have to be on the ground to use it but blink was crazy cuz you can use it in air but I am pissed but as a titan main we can't complain we have overshields now on call 😂😂

  2. Anyone wonder since the exotic replaces your dodge do you lose the benefit of marksmen or gamblers dodge? If it doesn't ima have fun running it with top tree arc strider ♥♥♥

  3. The Destiny community: Bro this new Hunter class looks like a Nightmare.
    Byf: Behold the IceFall Mantle..the Titan who wielded it was death and hell followed with him

  4. Honestly haven’t played destiny 2 since forsaken but I think I’m coming back since all the dlcs are gonna be on gamepass. If anyone is down to play HMU? I need to catch up on some shit.


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