Wrathborn Hunt Guide & EASY Cryptolith Lure Charge [Destiny 2 Beyond Light]

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Here’s my complete guide on Wrathborn Hunts in SEASON OF THE HUNT (D2 Beyond Light), as well as tips to VERY easily charge your Cryptolith Lure!
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27 thoughts on “Wrathborn Hunt Guide & EASY Cryptolith Lure Charge [Destiny 2 Beyond Light]”

  1. the single use is worse than that,…
    if you equip the mod.. and then put a different one in on top.. or delete it.. its stil OGNE…
    i equipped the mid value mod.. but he damn thing Said i HAD to equip a heavy mod (or whatever the right one is.. so i unequipped the middle mod.. only have NO middle mods left…
    so don't equip until you are sure you want that mod for this n.. or you could just lose it
    [menagerie gave them back if you equipped another over the top… this does not]

  2. Just a note for all the people saying "Patched" or "Doesn't work" or "Bungie always fixes the beneficial things for players, fuck Bungie", go to 0:39 in the video and look at the VERY BOTTOM of the Cryptolith Lure. There is a very specific detail about charging the lures faster. When the lure came out, it just so happened to be related to strikes and KILLING CHALLENGING COMBATANTS. However, this changes EVERY DAY. Today, it's Gambit, specifically killed high value targets (at least for me, I want to say everyone has the same thing, but it might not). If you DONT have the one that specifically says Strikes, this will obviously not work because the the bonus progress objective is currently Gambit


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