Why the Physics Host in Destiny 2 Beyond Light is BIGGER than any New Exotics, Mods, or Stasis

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Players dont seem to understand the depth of what Bungie was talking about in the last twab update…
With this new physics host we are going to be living a whole new game, and as someone with a *bit* of game design and computer programming knowledge I will break down why the change to the Physics host is more exciting than the Trailers about Europa, the Warlock Hunter or Titan new Exotic Armors, New Exotic Weapons, or even the New Stasis subclasses. Were talking: Anti-Cheat, better Hit Registration, Smarter AI, Faster Loading times (on top of the PS5 and new XBox), and more interesting missions.

TWAB: https://www.bungie.net/en-us/Explore/Detail/News/49596

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21 thoughts on “Why the Physics Host in Destiny 2 Beyond Light is BIGGER than any New Exotics, Mods, or Stasis”

  1. Definitely interesting. But if all they use it for is to refine the implementation of manipulative algorithms that are designed to tweak and optimize dopamine delivery and squeeze cash out of players – which has been D2's primary function since release – it'll be kind of a letdown.

  2. I guess another way to put it is: Code is language, script is the pen, game is the book, host is the editor for the book. Bungie just made the editor the AUTHOR.

  3. What would be interesting to see is if a boss in a strike shows up before the main fight, such as the arms dealer strike, you can kill them before the strikes final fight. The game could now recognize this entity is the same as the one in the main fight, which could be a nice place for dialogue, loot bonuses, and maybe other stuff

  4. This was incredibly hard to listen too. The average Joe might not be a computer scientist but average Joe is also not a fucking carrot. Listening to you try to "simplify" the subject matter was akin to scrubbing my body with a cheese grater in lieu of a sponge. "Does that make sense? "

  5. Guys you misinterpreted what their lead engineer has said, nothing to do with cheaters, they had to switch form mission host to physics host purely because of new subclass they are adding not becuause of Cheater's lol, how easily it is identified when you still study the computer science and never worked, they are not changing anything to prevent cheaters to cheat, nothing will be changed and all aimbots will still work. Yes there will be more stats they can access during the game but the question is have they invested in the algorithm during the game to analyse the data and ban the player ? I really really doubt that, because aimbots do not interact with their code they simply read the output data and on top of that interact with mouse control nothing else, and even if they invested in such algorithms it would extremely difficult to detect this automatically simply to identify what are the boundaries of super player? 5 headshots without miss? 10? 20? No answer and there won't be it's a fact. But there still be manual bans but this doesn't help the community neither. So stop dreaming and turn your brains.

  6. This was an awful way to explain what is actually happening. The dude "explaining" should have thought it through before doing this video. The concept is very simple, amd explaining it to people as if its complicated was the wrong move. His analogies were also terrible.

  7. So, you mean that their "architecture hybrid of client-server and peer-to-peer technology" which was for them "the best model for all of Destiny 2's varied cooperative and competitive experiences" (and have always been crap) is going to almost disapear to move to a more standard client-server (with some p2p for less important things) ?

  8. Things i believe they should change permanently in D2:
    •permanent and improved radar.
    •side option to complete exotic quests without any PvP participation. Make more grinding even… not all of us are good at PvP.

  9. How about a true crossplay. I hate being a pc main and switching to ps4 to play destiny since the dlc's are there and so are my friends. With a proper anticheat theres no reason why crossplay shouldnt be in effect. "M&k Is FaStEr ThAn CoNtRoLlEr" most consoles can use m&k and controller has insane aim assist in destiny so it evens out.


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