Top 5 MUST HAVE God Rolls For Beyond Light! – Destiny 2 Beyond Light Prep

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Alright boys Destiny 2 Beyond Light is Releasing next month and that means you are going to want to have the Best PvE and PvP Weapons in Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals going into Beyond Light. In this video I will be showing you the Best Weapons in Destiny 2 and their God Rolls. You are going to want to Farm these God Rolls in Destiny 2 right now in Preparation for Beyond Light on November 10th! We will be going over the God Roll Gnawing Hunger, God Roll Ikelos SMG, God Roll Ikelos Sniper, God Roll Ikelos Shotgun, God Roll Supremacy, and God Roll Falling Guillotine! Enjoy this list of MUST HAVE Best Destiny 2 God Roll Weapons in 2020 for Destiny 2 Beyond Light!


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36 thoughts on “Top 5 MUST HAVE God Rolls For Beyond Light! – Destiny 2 Beyond Light Prep”

  1. The ikelos shotty only rolls with one 4th perk… Why dont youtubers look. Into their own information….. Only really care about the quick buck fux any misinformation right🤷

  2. Not going to lie the thought of supremacy being number 1 never even crossed my mind lol. I have 2 of the 6/6 falling guillotine rolls. I also have all the other rolls in the video except the curated gnawing hunger and supremacy god roll

  3. I’ve gotten some amazing rolls on these weapons and the ones for next season like the nation of beasts. My favorite so far is either my gnawing hunger with stability MW accurized rounds, zen moment and killclip. Or my Cold denial hammer forged, richochet rounds, killing wind, Mkillclip, stability MW

  4. Big yikes on that Ikelos SMG. Like most, I agree Threat Detector & Surrounded are your go-to's here. Here's what I have that works well for me.

    Extended Mag (though Seraph Rounds would be just as viable if not better tbh)
    Threat Detector

  5. Screw the “ikelos shotgun”, go for the “first in last out” slug shotgun. It’s easier to farm and I personal have been enjoying the buff to them. The god roll for the slug is Hammer forged, assault mag, auto loading holster, and vorpal weapon.

  6. I prefer the perk that refunds sword ammo every few strikes, but I do have a 6/6 Falling Guillotine. I also prefer extended mag with sustenance for GH, but otherwise I have the perfect roll for it, and probably the one from the video somewhere as well. I don't have experience for the SMG because I haven't farmed it but for the sniper I have feeding frenzy instead of fourth time's a charm but otherwise a perfect roll.

  7. I have everything though my ikelos smg roll is different as I feel a different roll than your suggestion was my preffered god roll, except the 6/6 falling guillotine (i sadly don't have jagged egde and am settling with tempered edge right now)

  8. I wouldn't choose what you have suggested. I agree with columns 1 and 2, but in column 3 I would go with Subsistence all day long. You hardly ever reload with this perk in PVP/PVE. As long as you are killing anything you are getting reloaded. In the 4th column I would choose Demolitionist or Vorpal. Demolisionist because it makes your grenade OP for PVE/PVP or Vorpal Weapon for PVP sweats spamming their supers!

  9. Solid list but i gotta say regarding the ikelos sniper – although that is a cool roll IMO as well as TV the god roll is seraph rounds, quickdraw, moving target handssss down! Mine has fluted barrel and range MW and maddd happy with it =)


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