TOP 5 Hand Cannons for Beyond Light PvP – These Are Going to be META | Destiny 2 Beyond Light

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Intro – 0:00
Ace of Spades – 2:01
Thorn – 4:42
True Prophecy/Crimil – 7:40
Sunshot – 10:37
Nation of Beasts – 13:35
Outro 15:55

Welcome back Guardians! I am so excited to be diving back into Destiny 2 as we wind down Season of Arrivals and get pumped up for Beyond Light! Bungie has detailed most of the sandbox changes heading into this expansion, and Hand Cannons have some BIG changes coming. I thought this was a good opportunity to look at the Top 5 Hand Cannons that you can count on being Meta heading into Beyond Light.

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17 thoughts on “TOP 5 Hand Cannons for Beyond Light PvP – These Are Going to be META | Destiny 2 Beyond Light”

  1. A hand cannon that wasn't on your list was Sturm. I think it will be pretty good and I am gonna use it with drang since there will be a drang from Banshee that he will sell on November 10th that will not get sunsetted. Though I might use sturm with other weapons other than drang.

  2. i dont know why but ive always been significantly better with 140s than 150s, so i dont really mind the merge, not to mention making sunshot more unique is cool

  3. We back baby!! With the new Vidoc and trailers dropping for beyond light I really feel the destiny hype again! I'm glad, it took them a while to get me back into the game, but i'm really looking forward to the new expansion now! I'm gonna be grinding again!! Looking forward to your video's on all the new content! Peace

  4. I managed to get true prophecy with folowing perks:
    1. Sureshot
    2. Accurized rounds
    4.Rampage….Even with rampage x1 you can easily 2-tap,it's gonna be sweet in beyond light ^^


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