Tommy Walter – Invasive Species (Destiny 2: Beyond Light Europa Trailer Song)

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βž₯ Song: Supraliminal – Invasive Species


β€œHow do you make your videos?”
I use adobe after effects.

β€œWhen do you upload?”
When I am able to or I see something that I really like.
Take’s up to 8 Hours sometimes to get a video up.

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24 thoughts on “Tommy Walter – Invasive Species (Destiny 2: Beyond Light Europa Trailer Song)”

  1. We have heard your cries for help, and soon we will answer.
    You bring weapons, you will not need them.
    We are not your friends, we are not your enemies, we are your… salvation.

    An old friend is here, Judgement.. at hand.
    What have you seen out there?
    Look beyond the frozen wasteland… do not lose your way.

    No, I was not forged in light. But I believe where our paths cross, ground could break.
    A side should always be taken, even if its the wrong one.

    Β If it were up to me alone, I would have destroyed your Traveler when I had the chance. But there are too many who fear what might thrive without it, and not enough who fear the wars that it seeks out so deliberately. Too much of a good thing will make you sick. Balance can come down to a single grain of sand. My people were born of calamity. Who knows what will awaken when it collapses again. Maybe only then will you understand.

  2. Beyond Light brings one of the moments we've all been waiting for. This will change the game as we know it, So let's all prepare and get ready for what we are about to fight and learn Guardians. May the Traveler be with us all.

  3. It reminds me of old sci fi films, where there some hyperdrive effect or even just silent movment going on, while a narrator explains something so mind boggling to me i cant focus on them and the film while also the music.

    Excellent work my friend.


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