STASIS Gameplay Powers Breakdown! | Everything you missed Destiny 2: Beyond Light Stasis Trailer

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Destiny 2 Beyond Light, Stasis Supers, New Powers, Abilities Breakdown, New Exotic Gameplay, Europa Outpost, Eramis views and MORE! Details from the XBOX Games Showcase, on July 23, 2020. Everything you missed from the Trailer Reveal and MORE!

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Destiny 2 is coming to XBOX Game Pass & XBOX Series X at 4K 60 FPS! In addition to telling us about those details, they also dropped a MASSIVE new Beyond Light DLC Trailer! I go through a breakdown of the entire trailer, and show the different abilities of each of the characters. Thanks for watching!!!!

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The Season that almost broke the Destiny Community!

Destiny 2 is a First-Person Open World Shooter, where players can gather together to destroy the forces of darkness, that caused a great collapse of our civilization. Travel from Mercury to Titan, to Mars, the Moon, and the Rings of Saturn, as we fight to restore Earth to it’s Golden Age.

Created by Bungie Studios. (Not Activision. :D)


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  1. Being a warlock main but also main in the other classes i know that grenade that froze the enemies is not a warlock. Warlocks lob grenades like out of they chest. From what it looked like the way it was thrown it looks like a hunter grenade. But then again just speculation. With the warlock little staff shot not the actually super itself but the little shot it does i think is connected to its melee ability, similar to the middle tree of arc how your melee ability is more of a range ability same with top tree dawnblade a ranged melee.. 🙂


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