Seals, Triumphs, & the DCV (Evolving Triumphs) | Destiny 2 Beyond Light

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In This week at bungie, we get an outline of what is happening with our Seals, Triumphs, & the DCV. We’ll be going over the TWAB and how triumphs will become evolving triumphs.
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Behemoth Breakdown:

This Week at Bungie:

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▶D2 Sandbox Review

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34 thoughts on “Seals, Triumphs, & the DCV (Evolving Triumphs) | Destiny 2 Beyond Light”

  1. Literally dreamed of coming across you in game. I ran into you in trials and you 5-1’d us and y’all accused us of cheating because we pulled of some nasty shots. Guess it’s true that your heroes will always let you down. You lost a dedicated viewer and supporter.

  2. Guys don't you wish Bungie would actually reward us for completing this triumphs give something more than just "bragging rights" right they did all that work on visuals for triumphs but nothing for rewarding us for completing the triumphs right… crazy

  3. I've defeated Atheon, Crota, Oryx and became a Young Wolf in D1, I've helped the Queen in capturing Skolas, walked the Original lighthouse for the first search of Osiris, I've Collected the 3 swords created with Eris's help, defeated so many monsters and upcoming Kings and rulers and for what?

    Non of this is acknowledged in D2.

  4. Bungie twab in a nutshell; fuck anyone who paid money and supported us before free to play now we are catering to all casuals and free to play players.
    I know atleast 100 players in my gaming circle getting rid of destiny because of this twab

  5. I can't be the only one who's disappointed with the direction of this game "Don't fix, remove" mentality is honestly upsetting.

    We're putting faith in bungie that won't be fulfilled. I hate the fact that going back and playing D1 is monumentally a better experience, and that D2 feels so empty (especially after a reset).
    Hope they listen to their fan base, because the second I find a weapon I've already farmed a god roll for, I'm going to be upset.

  6. How about this – the seals that tied to sun setting content will have a lock icon or something and when Bungie decides to bring that content back – guardians could comeback and finish it?

  7. They need to allow us to have more than 3 bounties tracked (maybe just display the first 3 you select then when these get completed the other selected ones automatically come into view).

    Also should allow us to track triumphs and exotic catalysts like how you can track quests and bounties.

  8. Sorry gotta be the one to ask the stupid question , I don’t always have the time to enjoy destiny, so I am just making sure I understand what your saying after reset bout the armour . If I am on the final step with the armour it stays after reset ? I can do the master nightfall and trials wins after ?? That’s would be dope .. thanks love ur vids and content ✌️

  9. Why didnt they mention anything else about gilding titles? They briefly talked about it in a twab about a month ago. I just finished this seasons flawless title so i could gild it with last seasons title


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