OUTBREAK CATALYST CHEESE! – Destiny 2 Beyond Light Complete Outbreak Perfected Catalyst

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So it was recently discovered that you can still obtain the Outbreak Perfected Catalyst in Destiny 2 Beyond Light. After further inspection the Outbreak Catalyst still states that it requires Siva Particulate but upon completing the 500 Precision Kills needed to Upgrade the Outbreak Perfected Catalyst the game lets you Claim the Exotic Catalyst Triumph which fully unlocks the Outbreak Catalyst. This is most definitely a bug/cheese in Destiny 2 Beyond Light so you better take advantage of it while you can if you still need to complete it! This is how to Upgrade and Obtain the Outbreak Perfected Catalyst in Destiny 2 Beyond Light! Enjoy!

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18 thoughts on “OUTBREAK CATALYST CHEESE! – Destiny 2 Beyond Light Complete Outbreak Perfected Catalyst”

  1. wt fffffff is that took me more than five fucking week to get it done and I'm not even talking about whisper and guest what dummies that play beyond light eh eh we got it in five second i mean common bungie

  2. I had the catalyst and completed the 500 precision shots and was 20% out of 100 for a long time and just swerved it. Soon as beyond light dropped and I noticed the catalyst was finished off for me, I couldn't believe it.

    I feel for the people that actually ran heroic for 5 weeks, especially if you're pretty bad at the jumping part! The part outside the tower running across pipes and around corners messed me up so bad I thought f**k this 😂😂 am out!

  3. Yo make sure youtuber ibetonme gets credit for first discovering this! I was in your discord when one of our fellow members let you guys know youtuber ibetonme has a video out on this.


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