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In this video I’ll go through the new raid of Destiny 2 Beyond Light: The Deep Stone Crypt. What is the story behind it, what is it gonna look like, what is the raid gonna be like? I’ll discuss it all in the video, hope you guys enjoy!

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As you know, this November, a new expansion is coming to Destiny 2, called Beyond Light. In this expansion we are going to Europa where we are going to fight the fallen, there is some mysterious pyramid there and then we are going into the deep stone crypt for the raid.

So what exactly is the Deep Stone Crypt? Well there is a lot of mystery around it and a clear answer has not been given yet but there are a lot of clear pointers in the lore that the Deep Stone Crypt is the birthplace of the Exos.

Guys I am so so hyped for Destiny 2 Beyond Light! If you guys are too, I would love to make a whole series of videos like this one going through everything that we currently know about the Beyond Light expansion. If you want more of this type of content be sure to leave a like on the video!

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  1. Deep stone crypt is the birth place of Exos and was created by the genius mind Clovis Bray. The project of exos was invented in order to cure himself and his descendants from a genetic disease caused by him changing the genes of his children. Eventually this disease will kill them. So he came up with the exo idea to save himself and his family by transferring their minds into the exo only to keep living forever. What he did is experiment on and mutate his own kin's genes. Dude is mad. So i guess whatever we going to face there is of course someone strongly related to Clovis Bray.


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