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In this reaction video we take a look at the reveal stream for the Beyond Light expansion, as well as The Witch Queen and Lightfall. Was not expecting this! | Please Like and Subscribe if you enjoyed!
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27 thoughts on “Let's React To Destiny 2: Beyond Light Reveal Stream | Living Sun Reaction”

  1. I was really into Destiny for a while but I burnt out hard a bit after Forsaken and haven't been back since. This is really cool to see but I'm still not sure if it's enough to get me back into it 😛
    Kinda sad about that, really – I really like Destiny but I think the endless grind just kinda didn't work for me.

  2. Destiny is getting very Lovecraftian. I’m just expecting more tentacle monsters and space squids that nom planets. Bungie does seem to be overreaching by planning three different DLC’s at once as a series all connected and all within a year of each other – then again they have had months with this lockdown to plan and inspire new ideas and stories but this is being optimistic. Forsaken and Shadowkeep were both steps in the right direction, if they can get Beyond Light done right then my confidence in them would be restored. I am sceptical though because they barely showed anything.

    Bungie’s new legacy content vault could be expanded upon if they were willing to. Imagine if D1 was brought into D2 but split up into three or more parts – each part removed as we move on to the next one – so that all campaigns and dlc will become timed live events, and everyone can get a piece of the past. It would be ambitious and massive in scope but simple as well.

  3. I mean, the 2022 expansion is called LightFall, Bet we won't see any major darkness enemies until that 2022 expansion. They are the ultimate big bad guys of the franchise, so would bungie use them this early?

  4. I’ve got a feeling that the darkness will be “friendly” at first, letting us sample its power, but then by Lights Fall the darkness and the light will be like “trial periods up, time to pick a side”

  5. I understand your confused frustration about the darkness not being revealed properly yet but I personally like that they’re interweaving the Darkness story with the Eremis and Savathun stories and I think that it would be more positively impactful if they revealed the Darkness properly in the final dlc

  6. I used to play destiny way too much
    Especially the first one I didn’t like 2 that much
    I actually liked Shadowkeep and then next season afterward killed my interest again

  7. I mean, i pictured that the pyramid darkness ships in mass are more like darkness travelers. There isn’t any race that belongs to them like how no one race belonged to the traveler. It just provides powers. However, as we have seen we have fought manifestations of the darkness like in Crota. In beyond light, I’m assuming Eramis is one of these emissaries of the darkness like we are for the travelers light.

    In theory more manifestations could appear at any moment

  8. The Pyramids could be portrayed as invaders, but I personally believe that they aren’t as malevolent as the Speaker and the Traveler would have us think.

  9. I bet this will be a “scam”, I don’t expect to see a new race lol!
    But that doesn’t matter I love this franchise anyway, I bought the expansions I missed (I only had the first one). Now it’s time to catch up in order to be ready for what’s coming.

  10. It's good that we got a little bit of everything and not just Beyond Light. More news will release in the summer so we can expect much more from Beyond Light.

    I also want to add something else when you mentioned Lightfall at the end. We shouldn't assume anything in the two future DLC because we only got a vague idea of both of them so all we should do it wait and see.

  11. The darkness is like the traveler… And the races are like the guardians. So I don't think we will ever fight a darkness race. The 5th race was the taken. Pretty sure the 5 race page showed the same stuff the taken use. The black/white blight stuff

  12. I really don't get why players are so thirsty for new enemies. The gameplay is so simplistic that Bungie can not do much. We had two new races introduced, the taken and scorn and all they add is marginal differences in gameplay. I can't see them doing anything that interesting with enemies and combat until d3 or they upgrade d2's engine. I think the "darkness enemy will be added eventually " but I doubt gameplay wise they'll be that different.

  13. The Darkness is not really a race… it's more like a function of power, similar to how the Light itself is not a race, but an amalgam of those who embody it. Saying that it is a race is a complete misconception.


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