Kings & Creatures – The Catalyst (Destiny 2 Beyond Light Gameplay Stasis Trailer Song)

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➥ Song: Kings & Creatures – The Catalyst by William Morris


“How do you make your videos?”
I use adobe after effects.

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When I am able to or I see something that I really like.
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38 thoughts on “Kings & Creatures – The Catalyst (Destiny 2 Beyond Light Gameplay Stasis Trailer Song)”

  1. "For centuries, the Traveler run. When we first met, we thought that hiding on his shadow was the right answer. We have fought for decades, using his power. Trying to stop this…darkness. The destroyers of life. Escaping from our extinction.
    We were wrong. We cannot survive this. We're not strong enough.
    But some of us might have found a way. A way to use our greatest fear against them.
    The problem is …we are not guardians anymore. We're something else. Something beyond.
    Now, we are the exterminators.
    And either the darkness or light can stop us."

  2. I hope they do what I think theyre gonna do, make us see something that angers us/give us something to hate, make us feel way underprepared, FORCE us to fight on, gaining nearly nothing along the way, overcome that thing out of personal spite, fucking revile in the justice ( this is in terms of story, sunsetting will suffice for translating this to gameplay )

  3. You are a pawn, a moving piece in a changing puzzle, mustn't you change with it. We are not pieces we are no form, we are not evil, we are generous. Join us and no longer will you be fixed in one position while worlds move and change around, our heralds have arrived, greet them and embrace them with open arms. Join us and you limits shall only be where you place them, join us and you will be ever moving ever changing not tied to anything but yourself, join us and be formless, the sword shall grant power beyond your belief, join us and you will not be bound in chains to that which gives you power.

    Join us and be free


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