Izanagi's Burden – Testing for a Wendigo Replacement in Beyond Light | Destiny 2

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Hello everyone, for this video, we’re taking a look at whether any of the current Grenade Launchers in the game, that won’t be sunset at the end of the season, can be a true replacement for Wendigo, when paired with Izanagi’s Burden. Of course, we don’t know what Bungie will be bringing us in Beyond Light, so these 4 will have to do for now.

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00:00 Introduction
01:10 Interference VI Method
02:06 150RPM Methods
04:55 Graph (Method Comparison)
05:57 Graph (DPS Numbers)

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  1. Just leaving a comment to show to YT there is engagement in the video 🙃
    Glad to see you pass the 200 subs, plz fix the Twitter link in the YouTube channel.

  2. Hey, now that beyond light is here, and with that the new grenade launchers, is it possible for you to make a similar video for those as well? I am especially interested in seeing how "Blast battue" performs against Wendigo, as the stats seem very similar.

  3. Hi there, amazing video. I stumble upon this because I got a reissued Love and Death with Spike ALH and Full Court, and it's a 150rpm. So I am wondering how much dps does full court add to 150rpm GLs with Spike and ALH.


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