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New Destiny 2 News! Bungie unveiled HUGE changes coming with the Beyond Light! This will impact how to level up fast to the new max power level in the next expansion, and so much more!





New #Destiny2 video, breaking down the new bungie weekly update (TWAB) before the New Destiny 2: Beyond Light Fall Expansion! The Upcoming Fall DLC, Destiny 2 Beyond Light, has been delayed, and the new Beyond Light Release Date is now November 10th for PC, the Xbox Series X and S, and then a little later on the PS5! But today, bungie revealed many changes to the leveling system coming with the next dlc! This is important info for helping you level up fast in Beyond Light! #BeyondLight #Destiny2News

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48 thoughts on “HUGE Leveling Changes! – Max Power Level in Beyond Light! – | Destiny 2 News”

  1. I feel your postmaster blues. Had the same thing happen to me this week lost a couple nice stacks of materials I've been saving for many weeks. Really sucks that we can't prioritize what goes in and out of the postmaster.

  2. What's the point of farming all those upgrade material, masterworking my gear, min-maxing my build, if in 1 year it will all be for nothing… stupid fucking sunsetting. I'm not coming back to this game.

  3. I am noob and confused so if I don’t buy the season pass I don’t get access to season level rewards right? Would my current season reward get locked out? Also would my completed bounty get wiped when new season start? I’ve been saving those bounty.

  4. While the amount of bright dust from the seasons pass is great, they are changing the bounty drop of it from 200 to 100 and that’s going to buy a blocker on a lot of people who don’t save that bright dust from the seasons pass

  5. The best part of playing Destiny 2 is having satellite internet. And Bungie walling me off from other players so every time I log in I am completely alone. I never see other players and I can't do exotic quests and many others due to PvP related requirements they put in. And since I can't interact with other players that of course means I can't do PvP or raids. But I ain't bitter…….nope. Not bitter.
    Deep breath!
    I understand walling people off from content that requires a decent connection to do. But completely blocking me off from any interaction with the community is a little too much lol. I accept I have shit internet. I just want to be able to knock out the story quests and see more single player friendly content. That's all.

  6. No offense, first 10 percent off hundreds of dollar headphones isn't a good discount. Mainly my issue is he said that the post master messed up his weekly stuff……sorry that's your fault for not checking your mail. Its not the games fault you don't check your stuff. Even mail men in reality after time they stop giving mail and drop a post saying to get it at the post office. Point is its his fault for not getting his mail.

  7. Here we go again a bullshit stupid power level grind that no other game makes you do outside of yearly content drops. It really sucks when they have to create stupid bs to force us to play because the game is lame and dead. When are you going to start calling them out in their BS?

  8. By "vendors accepting them" pretty sure they're talking about buying upgrade modules and Enhancement Prisms from Banshee, or whatever Spider is offering for them any given day.

    So basically dump them into prisms and modules before end of season, or you just get a pittance of glimmer

  9. What!!! … Generous!!!… Awsome!!!.. What!!!… Cutting to a half the dust from weekly bounties is not generous at all, pass dust will last one event with two sets for deo carachters.
    Is just another way to force people to buy silver!!!

  10. I had a weird glitch yesterday because my xbox kept getting disconnected from live. When I returned, my mask was at 0 Light Level. The odd thing is, my overall light jumped up to 1186 light! Unfortunately, when I swapped my helmet to figure out what was going on, it put me back to 1061.

  11. Quite annoying. I recently started playing again and I remember I had enough Trials of the Nine tokens to buy something with them. Except Bungie just scrapped the whole event so I grinded competitive PvP for no reason

  12. What they mean by that is that you can spend those ressources at the Spider, most likely. Though Asher and others will probably be at the tower from now on (given all their stuff is next to Saint-XIV in the Hangar), I doubt they will have something to do there at least for now


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