Hand Cannons Are Changing… for the Better | Destiny 2 Beyond Light

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In this video I discuss the Hand Cannon changes (Hand Cannon Buffs & Nerfs) announced in the sandbox update preview in the recent TWAB, and break down the changes for what to expect in Destiny 2 Beyond Light, and the Crucible Sandbox & Meta in Destiny 2 Beyond Light.

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45 thoughts on “Hand Cannons Are Changing… for the Better | Destiny 2 Beyond Light”

  1. I'm happy with these changes for primary gunplay, but I have a lot of concern over the state of special weapons in comparison. Made a small mistake on ARs, it is always a 9 shot 0.80s Optimal and 1.30s Base post patch (resilience doesn't increase TtK, it changes it from 8C1B > 9C). More cones to come with the next TWAB segments.

  2. 150s invalidated all other hand cannons because every other hand cannon was dog shit and didn’t give you a chance vs 600 autos if you got something that’s not 600s did get a nerf but it’s only gonna take 1 more bullet to kill and and simply they gave a buff to hand cannons that may could get you to use it instead of a 150 hand canon but they chose to kill the 150 so there basically will be no change in auto rifle meta we are in now maybe even a spike in it the only 140s that will be used will be thorn and ace and thorn may be moved back to 150 considering how busted it could be, it’s gonna be the year of auto rifles thorn and ace friends

  3. I like the HC rpm change, but in my opinion it should be the other way around.
    140’s should become 150’s with their impact/dmg being lowered to that

    This would make the HC rpm’s 120 – 150 – 180. A steady 30rpm increase per frame.
    Makes more sense to me then 120 – 140 – 180.

  4. I'm both stoked and concerned about the changes to 110's. They definitely needed more range to fill the intended role. The rof is also nice but I'm wondering how many new 120's are we going to get. My Duke is still the best feeling 110 outside of Sturm and it's getting sunset. If we are only getting a few models Bungie really needs to make them "feel good" to shoot or the buffs won't land well. I'm also very picky on the audio as well. I hate the Iron Banner 110. It sounds like a fckn nail gun or an air powered stapler…

  5. How is it that no one seems to just realize that the reason why 150’s were WAY more overused over all other archetypes is because 140’s just have absolutely nothing special about then at all??? They get No extra intrinsic boost like other archetypes of guns do and they have the exact same range drop off as 150’s, but worst off they don’t really do much more damage that 150’s “2 extra damage” is a JOKE! buffing 140’s to be 2 head 1 body plus a range buff instead would have been a MUCH better change, 150’s would have stayed the same as they are now, and kept all their already great stats and intrinsic perks, and now 140’s would have been able to have a easier time outgunning and out ranging 150’s with a much easier optimal TTK.

  6. The issue with this whole system and the hc nerfs is autos contradict the entire logic behind it don't want a weapon with a faster.ttk buuuuut autos have a faster ttk then all of it's competition now and it's the most forgiving and the easiest to use while hc is still 3 headshots slower ttk and still less range then 600 autos easily it's completely removing any level of skill gap and I just hope the new engine let's them do sandbox updates faster.cause another entire year of only suros and gnawing hunger will hurt the game ppl already don't like it now what's it gonna be like with ability simulator and gnawing hunger the game for 2 years

  7. Whats your opinion on the new exotics?
    Warlock and hunter got 2, titan got 1
    Warlock got super damage and poison melee
    Hunter got teleportation and better knife
    Titan got a overshield after revive lmao

  8. We can look at optimal ttks all day and complain that one number is bigger than others. But as Drewsky described in the video. Most people aren’t going to hit that optimal ttk in every gunfight.

  9. How old is this footage Drew hahah omg… Did anyone else notice the SOLSTIC elemental orbs dropping haha omg. Too funny. And your username changes back and forth between Cones for All and Drewsky hahah wtf.

  10. How are you considering this a buff to Hand Cannons? There is another part of the game called PvE which we continually suffer bc of PvP which makes no sense bc Destiny PvP will never be competitive and and with the new subclasses it definitely won't be balanced though truly it never has. Quit destroying A mainly PvE game for a b.s. unbalanced PvP experience. This has been a major problem just like vault space sense early D1 so I doubt anything will change now!!

  11. Controversial opinion, ADS with any weapon without rangefinder shouldn't increase your range. You're not any closer to the target so why should you get more range from just ADS

  12. So here’s what I want to know. Some of the best Aim assists at 92 for 150s and 75/80 respectively for 140s. With that said will that AS scale down to 75/80 respectively or will the old 150s still keep that 92 AS? I hope Bungie “CONEsidering” this cause that would make old 150s still the best option


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