Ghost 2.0 Update, New Mods, & Game Pass (This Week at Bungie) | Destiny 2 Beyond Light News

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Ghosts are getting updated in Destiny 2 Beyond Light. This is an overview of the changes coming to our Ghost 2.0 Update.
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This Week at Bungie:

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39 thoughts on “Ghost 2.0 Update, New Mods, & Game Pass (This Week at Bungie) | Destiny 2 Beyond Light News”

  1. Why is no one talking about how the mods expire at the end of season 15? Are they gonna make us farm fucking mods over and over as well, as if weapons weren't enough, and needlessly sunsetting armor when I already can't get a God roll set as it is. If they start to sunset ALL mods ill prob quit. It took me a year to get traction and if I have to farm it again I swear

  2. Seems my account is bugged. I stopped running the master nightfall after 6 runs with ZERO shards. My friend who I was 2 manning it got at least one per run (he got two 4 times). I'm still looking for my first. I'll give it another go today

  3. I don't know why these quality of life improvements have taken so long to get into destiny 2. Destiny 2 is the Apple of video games , high quality material and operating system but the last to have simple quality of life features

  4. Just came to check in if this garbage game got any better and it’s actually getting worse somehow.Idk how people are excited to literally lose the content they paid for which is 5 raids,5 crucible maps I think and a couple of worlds for what?1 new raid 1 strike 2 destinations that are recycled and new supers that’s priced for 50$??My problem isn’t bungies garbage ass fault it’s the youtubers and streamers that hype up the garbage knowing damn well it’s garbage and just deal with it.Play a better and different game man why put up with a company that isn’t trying.

  5. I could not have said it better. That was my lasik experience too – _-Thankfully eyes are great but day of and after was some of the worst pain ever. Also the suction ring they push on to steady your eyeball wasn't fun. Bruising and felt like my eyes were gonna pop!

  6. My lasik has been successful, though its so EXHAUSTING TO FOCUS ON SEEING ALL THE TIME. When i had glasses i just put em on and boom 20/20 vision no matter how tired i am. Not anymore 🙁 and sunlight gives me an instant headache, have to wear my new sunglasses to deal with sunlight. Love the ghosy update though! Excited

  7. they have to do something with ghosts as so many destinations are goin away so many ghosts will have less utillity (can't get more planitary materials from a destination that doesn't exist)


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