Destiny 2. WOW! MASSIVE EXOTIC QUEST & BROKEN EXOTIC! Beyond Light DLC Giveaway!

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Destiny 2. WOW! MASSIVE EXOTIC QUEST & BROKEN EXOTIC! Beyond Light DLC Giveaway!

Mesa Sean


42 thoughts on “Destiny 2. WOW! MASSIVE EXOTIC QUEST & BROKEN EXOTIC! Beyond Light DLC Giveaway!”

  1. Thank you for all the videos. I play the game alone and most of the time I feel completely lost and don't know what to do, so your videos do help me a lot and guide me through the game. I appreciate it a lot~ I have to say though, I am very excited to get the solstice armour and beyond excited for what's to come to Destiny! I have to play the game with a wooping 12 FPS with the smallest size window possible and the render at 50, which is really hard but I love this game so much nothing can stop me from playing it!
    Continue with the amazing work! Hope you're doing well 💛


  2. I’m hyped as usual when they show their fall expansions!! It’s good to see what is going to happen with the stranger since they left us hanging on D1. Good luck to everyone who is participating and congratulations to the winner when he/she get’s picked up. My Twitter is @PetrinPR and instagram is @_petrin__

  3. Honestly, I believe that the new stasis ability will be more of a suppresion, medium attack kind of thing. I believe it'll invole immobilizing subjects and creating a weakpoint on the enemy via freezing. I'm really excited to see what happens with them. I hope that the darkness will manifest its true form soon, I wanna see what the big ogre with the vines is like. I'd like to see your reactions too! I'll probably end up buying the expansion so if I make it, it's gonna be going to my younger nephew, he's almost allowed to play T games and he cant wait. I hope to see more of your reactions in the far future! #Outbreakgang
    Twitter: @recondudies
    Instagram: @Recondudies

  4. The thing I am most excited about is the progression on the story and hopefully some old players I used to raid with coming back with so much new content being added to the game! Great videos as always dude, been following you since you first started on Guardian Radio. @davis1474 for both twitter and instagram. #alwaysmadeittotheend

  5. Hey there man would love to participate in the giveaway. Excited for the new content, it feels like it's going to be more of Forsaken/TTK type expansion rather than a Shadowkeep/Rise of Iron, really interested in trying out the new subclasses too!, my twitter handle is @zLuyo and instgram is @adrianom765 😀

  6. I’m super excited for the new subclasses and the completely new damage type that’ll make things very interesting and I’m excited to see how they use it. Twitter @ is coltenzim

  7. A bit late to the party because of youtube not putting thia video in my sub box until today but i am excited for the wholw thing and this ia the firat time aince forsaken and ive been interested in the strangers story so i am really excited for that
    Twitter is @yognot235m004
    And insta is @cenarious235

  8. Honestly I'm super excited about getting new abilities I mean Weber technically had the same abilities Since D1. I'm also super hyped that VoG is coming back

    Insta: the_prince_of_annihilaltion

  9. Twitter: @AlvinLekhraj
    Instagram: drizzlekidd

    Honestly, I'm just excited about using the Stasis subclass. The lore behind it with the Seed of Silver Wings is also super interesting. Sort of feels like everything is moving as a slug's pace is all lol


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