Destiny 2 | ULTIMATE PREP GUIDE! How To PREPARE For Beyond Light NOW!

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ULTIMATE PREP GUIDE for Destiny 2 Beyond Light! How To Get Ready For Beyond Light, Beyond Light Preparation, Prep Guide, How To Prepare, Prep Bounties, Prep List, Prep Score & More!

00:00 – Intro
01:37 – Bounties/XP Prep
04:15 – Planetary Materials
05:30 – Upgrade Resources
07:18 – Storing Glimmer, Token, Shards & Exotic Engrams
09:00 – Outro




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26 thoughts on “Destiny 2 | ULTIMATE PREP GUIDE! How To PREPARE For Beyond Light NOW!”

  1. Jarv you forgot to mention that you can do the two planet bounties ie EDZ and Nessus which reward 6K I have avoided Gunsmith strike bounties and crucible as they can mess up your powerful drops but overall fantastic guide as always.

  2. Don’t do it they already confirmed that if you do do this any power drops will drop last season light level if you pop all these bounties in beyond light and it will make a lot of you powered drops in Beyond light drop at this seasons light level and not beyond light power , so doing this will set you back big time so I repeat don’t do it .

  3. Only bounties you can hold are ones that are not going away along with the destination. Still not as much Xp as you may think. I’ll pass on the bounty grind, tbh nobody can say they like grinding bounties, that’s been constantly reused in almost every season and most people can say that they are tired of it.😡

  4. This is such a help for me. I have a question.
    I haven't claimed much of my season pass since around 30 currently 105?
    Should I save everything and collect them once I'm in beyond light. Like will it carry over this current season to the next or should I just go ahead collect them?

  5. what an imbecile guide, twab says there will be no more spider trade, simply remove all materials cos as we all know conversion is always about losing a lot on conversion. so get rid of all planetary materials that go away


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