Destiny 2 | This New Auto Rifle is INSANE! New Chroma Rush GOD ROLLS (Full Guide & Weapon Breakdown)

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How to get the new Chroma Rush Legendary Auto Rifle in Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer / Season 14 / Beyond Light (2021) and what are the best random rolls and god rolls for Chroma Rush. In this video I will go over the new Season of the Splicer Chroma Rush Override Weapon and break it down in depth going over all the perks/rolls for the new weapon and show you what the best god rolls are for PVE and PVP for Chroma Rush Override weapon and show you how to get and farm the weapon and godrolls. Hope this helps!

This video explains what the best god rolls are for the new season 14 featured weapon the ‘Chroma Rush’ in Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer. The new Season 14 activity features new insane weapons, the best auto rifle in the game!

You can get the Chroma Rush Auto Rifle from the new seasonal override activity or season 14 umbral engrams. Good luck getting your new Godrolls! This weapon also features 3 new weapon traits/perks/rolls which are Heating Up, Tunnel Vision and Adrenaline Junkie.

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Chroma Rush (Have you got it?):




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45 thoughts on “Destiny 2 | This New Auto Rifle is INSANE! New Chroma Rush GOD ROLLS (Full Guide & Weapon Breakdown)”

  1. Hey everyone, here is my GOD ROLL video for the new seasonal weapon 'Chroma Rush'. I hope you guys find this one useful, I also now have a playlist, you can view all that below. New Class Build Videos coming soon, stay tuned! (Need to unlock everything first hehe)

    Destiny 2 – All Weapon God Rolls (Playlist):

    Destiny 2 – All Weapon Reviews (2021), Worth Using? (Playlist):–AVvP818kBEG1pBLr0J

  2. Good vid, i managed to get a dynamic sway with tap the trigger.
    Subsistence has changed now as is a very good pve perk
    "No longer reduces reserve ammunition"

  3. I got mine to drop with Corkscrew Rifling with Flared magwell, heating up and rampage with range masterwork and it's nasty in pve straight up laser beam for kinetic worth a try along side with feeding frenzy

  4. I cannot tell you what best roll is cuz I don't have one til now but do you know what I do have? 6 of the season pass shot gun, 8 of the season pass machine gut, 1 grenade launcher, 1 sidearm, and 1 pulse rifle.

  5. I have one roll with heating up and rampage. Another roll that I masterworked (handling) with dinamic sway reduction and kill clip. I personally like the kill clip roll more, Idk y.

  6. Hey where can i get the mods ? actually im new to the game and recently got all dlcs so my plan is make my class op so i can speed up the story missions currently im on 1260 and its without mods and stats upgrades.

  7. First drop: Full bore, accurized rounds, heating up, adrenaline junkie, range masterwork.

    And adrenaline junkie is great in pvp with a grenade build. It's actually pretty op.

  8. I just got a extended barrel+appended mag+ heating up+ kill clip with a stability master work. I run it with dragons shadow plus whisper of hedrons and whisper of rending. This gun does not move paired with auto rifle trageting and unflinching auto rifle.


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