Destiny 2 Solo Flawless Master Empire Hunt – Technocrat

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Destiny 2 Beyond Light Solo Flawless Master Empire Hunt The Technocrat / Flawless Master of the Hunt Triumph Solo 1580. Just an under 20 minute video showing the Master Empire Hunt being done solo and without dying. This rewards you with the Flawless Master of the Hunt Triumph. Details below.

00:00 – Loadout/Opening
12:20 – Boss Fight ( Praksis, The Technocrat)

Thought about doing something from Beyond Light. It ain’t my favourite expansion in Destiny’s life cycle, but not the worst (Curse of Osiris).

So onto the difficulty – easy. If i were to do this when it launched back in 2020, then i would have struggled lots, but with each new season older content keeps on getting much easier. The only real things to take of note here are:
1) Stun champions and ad clear.
2) Keep moving when fighting Praksis.

The next vid i make may be a Nightmare Hunt, don’t know yet. All the same , enjoy and cya.


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