Destiny 2 | NEW TRAILER! Behemoth REVEAL! Stasis Shards, New Abilities, Update Fixes, Europa Mystery

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Destiny 2: NEW Beyond Light Titan Stasis Trailer, Stasis Shards, New Abilities, Stasis Shards, Item Transfer Buffs, September Update Changes, Europa Mysteries(Beyond Light Update)

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-Bungie News
— Titan Details
— Credit to Drexis for the Pyramid Tweet

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*Intro Music: Guustavv – Textural (Epidemic Sounds)
*Outro : Lensko – Circles (Provided by NoCopyrightSounds)
*Sarah, The Instrumentalist – Red Ruby (Epidemic Sounds)
*Ooyy – Gelatin Nature (Intro) (Epidemic Sounds)
*Misiatko – Alegoria
*Verbatim – Guustavv (Epidemic Sounds)
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*Dyalla – Beachside
*Kronicle – Wake Up
*Crying Over You – Chris Morro
*Music Beach – MBB


32 thoughts on “Destiny 2 | NEW TRAILER! Behemoth REVEAL! Stasis Shards, New Abilities, Update Fixes, Europa Mystery”

  1. I can't wait for Beyond Light! But I don't know if Deep Stone Crypt Raid is going to a Fallen or Vex raid and Europa strike is going to be a Fallen or Vex strike! But we're going to find out soon!

  2. I like the idea of Behemoth, but I'm a little disappointed by its presentation. I kind of pictured something a little where the Titan formed two ice gauntlets and would roam with them punching anything in the way. The closest example I can think of is how Kratos looks and fights in GoW3 when he uses the Nemean Cestus (the lion gauntlets). Same idea basically but I think it's a bit more flashy then just the one small gauntlet. Oh well.

  3. I'm pretty sure the reason why using Felwinter's helm with the elemental glows causes the stasis glow us because the helmet looks really quite similar to the Europa ones that have been shown off (specifically the visor bars).

  4. Just saying, I get overwatch mei vibes from the stasis subclasses, I’m calling it now this will be a troll subclass in crucible to place walls in front of allies to block sniper shots or deny abilities, this won’t be good for comp because of people throwing but I’m looking at the downsides already but I wanna know what other people think

  5. I really wish Bungie would just make some good looking armor already. Please bring back the armor from the old raids when they rotate in. That's the armor I'll be grinding out. Give me some year 3 Crota's End and VoG armor with ornaments. Enough with this ugly ass fleece and wool armor. Our guardians look like dirty hobos all the damn time. Lmao!!

  6. I have to say so far I'm very impressed with the new Stasis abilities. Can't wait to see what the Hunter has in store for us because I'm a Hunter main. XD

    Oh and if you look at the one picture of the Titan about to Glacial Crash, you can see some of the Fallen from the new House Of Darkness.😁👌🏼

  7. Icy fist? Sounds neat. But allow me to retort. FLAMING HAMMERS! Unless they give me a mace or a Hulk-sized ice fist, nothing they announce will make me deviate from the Church of Hammer Time.

  8. Does anyone else, when the end of the video comes and he says “have an awesome day…” then the music kicks in, houndish busts out some glow sticks and then starts dancing to the outro?


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