Destiny 2 Lore – How will we get Dark Powers in Destiny 2 Beyond Light? Let's Speculate a bit!

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Destiny 2’s lore leaves us asking how we’ll get Dark powers like Stasis in Destiny 2 Beyond Light. In this video we’re going to speculate on whether it’s connected to The Seed or Eramis!
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23 thoughts on “Destiny 2 Lore – How will we get Dark Powers in Destiny 2 Beyond Light? Let's Speculate a bit!”

  1. what if the ghost is corrupted with some kind of darkness spirit thats seperate from the darkness itself but instead of haveing its ownform it takes home in him resulting in a golum like personality.

  2. BYF in the EDZ Sludge you can find a shard of the Traveler that has been contaminated by the Darkness and Ghost says that not only can the two co-exist but that they actually work symbiotically so I think that Ghost will become a conduit for both.

  3. I'm starting to think it has a little more to do with coming to New truths. I belive we might realize in a way, the traveler isn't what we thought and isn't some good being. We are pawns in a game. The full truth is keeper from us just as it is in reality. We are given just enough truth to think we are "good guys". I think just as it is in reality, to truly make a transformation is to come into a new revelation within one self. I think we will take on the darkness and use it. In the process we will come to understand the other half of the truth over time. At the end of all of this, when we have the complete truth, I feel that then it will be up to us to make a decision. In the end of Destiny, it could be that our decision will be either to bring balance back to the univers or not. It would be cool that in the end, if we make the right decision, which is to bring back balance, which would also mean we wouldn't help either side, we ultimately would become gods. You know, the whole Bible thing, to know good and evil, like the gods. Interesting. Simply put, we are sorta playing starters. Think about it and you will see. Reconcile , your mind will be blown.

  4. I don’t know how likely this will be but here me out. I feel that because of the nature of the sword logic me won’t be given these powers, but will have to steal or take them from someone/thing. I think it makes sense seeing as it’s what the hive would do and it is the opposite of the travelers light (which was given to us). Though I don’t know who we would take these powers from, but I think it would be a fun concept.

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  6. I think it would be important to point out that we will be wielding the power of darkness. Not some corrupted form of our already obtained power. For the other factions who tried to wield some form of the dark they discovered it was only corrupting what they already had. The have and what they are now, the forsaken with the corrupted either and the shadows of yor and Dredgen yor himself. The key different between them and the drifter was he directly uses the powers of darkness, not some corrupted form of the light. For us to obtain darkness we'll have to gain something else entirely I think. I'm not so sure these pyramid ships could provide that power like the traveler but something on Europa definitely seems to have a source of power we haven't yet experienced.

  7. Exo Stranger "A side must be pick even if it's the wrong side. " So the question should be what is light and what is darkness and the answer is balance.

    Because in light there is darkness and in darkness there is light.

  8. I need to put this out there. Spoilers below.

    So in the VidDoc there was a frame of a “knight” but it was very wide, pretty much looking like a cabal. This scene was during the reveal for season 12 in which the fallen and the cabal were being corrupted by xitho irath. Or whatever her name is. My idea is that she corrupting them being forcing them to eat the worms. This is because we don’t know if they work on other species. But if it worked for the krill it could work for more right? And we also don’t know what the krill looked like before they ate them. So what if the worms made them get all the plate like skin? This is highly possible and if this is the truth, then called it.

  9. Hmmmmm I feel like hahahahahaha you know what what if we're the End what if the fall of the light is us hmmmmmmmmm think about that what if we destroy the traveler what if the travelers existence is what draws the darkness what If the traveler is using the gaurdians like galactus uses silver surfer hmmmmmm drain planets of their own light and posing to be light just a thought 🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️🤔


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