Destiny 2 Lore – Breaking down the new Bungie "Forged in the Storm" ViDoc for 40 minutes…

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Destiny 2’s Lore for Beyond Light is being expanded on by the “Forged in the storm” ViDoc. In this video I broke down the new ViDoc and the story/lore in it for about 40 minutes.
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22 thoughts on “Destiny 2 Lore – Breaking down the new Bungie "Forged in the Storm" ViDoc for 40 minutes…”

  1. Lightfall can actually be the perfect opportunity for bungie to reboot everything destiny. Have the darkness destroy everything and we can have all destinations back from d1 and we have beat the darkness back. Kinda like what blizzard did with deathwing, destroy areas and recycle them as "new" content.

  2. I have one question why wasn’t Mithrax included in the fight against Eramis? He’s the self proclaimed Kell of Light. She’s the Kell of Darkness. Why wasn’t there a co player thing happening here! They had all the time to prepare this DLC

  3. I know I’m getting to this video super late, but did we ever address that Crow’s ghost is named “Glint” and not “Pulled Pork?” Is that just a nickname or is it just a separate chatracter?…


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