Destiny 2 Lore – 10 Future Destinations that we might visit after Beyond Light!

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Destiny 2’s Lore points to strange places out in the wild. From the Sea of Screams to the icy oceans beneath the Jovian moons, these are 10 Future Destinations we might see after Beyond Light!
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26 thoughts on “Destiny 2 Lore – 10 Future Destinations that we might visit after Beyond Light!”

  1. Boone North Carolina. It’s in the mountains and abandoned it would really desolate. Also with like leftover caves and big Main Street threw the town not to mention the thousands of back roads and mountain peaks. Not to mention a huge university. And a shit ton of woods and forest to explore. But it ain’t gonna happen🥺😔

  2. i hope with beyond light we will get to visit ruins like damaged ships. every abandoned area in the current game either has hive or fallen sqauting in it. i would love to see one of the ships lost during the darkness vs traveler battle. maybe have it be like a system shock or dead space atmosphere but little scavenge bands to no enemies just the dead, rambleling and journal pages to be found thus the mystery of what the darkness actually did would be intact but the players would have more of an idea of how scary it can be since most of the horror is lore entries only. it would also give players starting with beyond light a sense of how dire things are. then in a hidden clue search you could have the players find a juryrigged golden age weapon bridging the gap between pre collapse and post collapse aesthetic. thought of this whie listening to this

  3. I could see a point where we need to head to the Distributary where we need to save a new born Mara, who somehow was trapped by the old queen. She was trying to return to aid us in a coming battle but was forced back by Alis Li to answer for her crimes, since she's not the physical real Mara she is tried and sentenced to watch us perish.

  4. They could litrally take it anywhere. There is a while solar system of planets plus their moons to explore. We may even end up leaving our system all together and going to the vex or cabal or hive home worlds.

  5. I'd Love if they showed South America.

    Mostly because come on. The Traveller is located literally in what once was Chile. So…yeah. Imagine a patrol zone where you can literally see the traveller very very far away.


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