Destiny 2 | HUGE EXPANSION CHANGES! DLC Content, Pursuits, Sandbox & Delays! (Beyond Light Roundup)

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Destiny 2: HUGE Recap of Beyond Light – Expansion Changes, DLC Content, Pursuit Weapons, Armor Updates, New Destinations, Reward Reworks, Year 4, Sandbox & Season Delays? (Everything we Know about Year 4 & Beyond Light)

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01:32 DLC Content Roundup
02:54 New Weapons
03:51 Destiny Content Vault & Sunsetting
05:59 Major Gameplay & Reward Changes
11:43 Weapon Sandbox Changes
12:40 Eververse Changes

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47 thoughts on “Destiny 2 | HUGE EXPANSION CHANGES! DLC Content, Pursuits, Sandbox & Delays! (Beyond Light Roundup)”

  1. Lots of great sounding stuff coming up in September! I found it useful to round up the fall changes again, since some of what Bungie released was for this season. I was surprised how many things they have already spoken about 😛 Hope its useful for catching up!

  2. All i want from bungie is 1. The one shader slot under the armor slot, idk why they got rid of it even though it was good, and 2. Go back to the exotic bounty dill that you had to farm bountys to try and get an exotic bounty it was more fun to do that than do menial things to get an exotic that is barely average

  3. Still looks like bungie doesn’t know what’s wrong with trials 🙄🙄 cause farming materials is going to make it more rewarding. How about you make a separate playlist for those who have already gone flawless so create a better matchmaking system for those who have struggled? Seems to me that would make trials more rewarding, especially for those who aren’t sweats

  4. Havent played destiny in 3-4 months but will prob return when the new content comes out..I have to ask..have they made it to wear I can wear my og trials of the nine flawless gear as end game gear or as transmog? So tired of destiny's model, leaving things u worked so hard for in the past…I hope to hear things are turning around but after aztecross vid the other day

  5. I don’t see why hawkmoon shouldn’t be able to have luck in the chamber. I get that the overlapping luck with the double lucky bullets can be a tough thing to work with and balance but what’s so bad about including the normal luck in the chamber on it? I mean it is exotic after all, and a classic at that, if anything deserves it it’s hawkmoon I would say.

  6. SO many features they are looking at but one thing Destiny really needs is an actual ability to save loadouts. It's crazy how tedious to have move mods around (especially on consoles).

  7. Do you know if anyone is having problems infusing the new wepons from the engrams with the drifter into each other coz I've had problems with the Auto Rifles, Swords and Fusion Rifles so far??

  8. Man I cant wait to have to pay a hacker to carry me in trials so I can still get picked up for end game PvE with them fancy Trials Adept weapons….

  9. So gr8 watching pvp slowly dwindle down to the same ghost town that Trials has been all season. All those people making excuses the 1st few weeks of this season can't say anything now. CBMM is a total failure. Congrats sweatlords. U r now 2 for 2 on the losing side. Enjoy that bed.

  10. I feel as someone who has the money to buy the next dlc. I'm super excited about this upcoming season, even if we are loosing some planets. However I feel really worried about alot of the free to play players. I hope that they'll still be able to participate in most of what's coming cause they're about to loose alot of content

  11. This all sounds a day late and a buck short. Bungie doesn't seem to be able to self-manage and produce enticing content. Watching them try to unvault old content as new content should be hilarious when old players come back and realize its the same old stuff they paid for years ago for a premium. 1 new strike and raid along with zero new crucible and gambit matches. Ya…no thanks.


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