Destiny 2 | Get These BEFORE Sunsetting! BEST Weapons and Armor, Power Cap List & Beyond Light Prep

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Destiny 2: Best Weapons & Armor to Get BEFORE Sunsetting (Beyond Light) Power Caps Explained, Loot to Farm NOW, Pinnacle Replacements, Recaster Benefits & How to Get Ready! (Beyond Light Weapon Sunset List)

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Spawnling’s Viable Weapon List

#Destiny2 #SeasonofArrivals Closes out Year 3 & Beyond Light Launches on 22nd September – SUBSCRIBE for DLC News, Guides, Coverage of New Weapons, Exotics & More!

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45 thoughts on “Destiny 2 | Get These BEFORE Sunsetting! BEST Weapons and Armor, Power Cap List & Beyond Light Prep”

  1. This video is targeted towards players who want a little more direction around what's changing with power caps, and how to take advantage of the new loot system this season – It may also be helpful for folks coming back to the game over the summer for Beyond Light! Which weapons are you guys enjoying? 😛

  2. i have over 200 weapons in my vault from season 1-3 and new ones from this season bc i just came back, there’s so many god rolls bc i just hoarded all the good rolls from old weapons and now they’re gonna be pretty much useless if i keep playing :/

  3. Dang, i'm just gonna unlock the new season armor ornaments and will use all my old gear untill i can't rank it up anymore, then i'm done, arrivals is my last expansion, very sad.😑

  4. I would be alright with sunsetting if I had any confidence that Bungie could produce an ample number of weapons and armor to support the concept. Likely, they will go the lazy route and recycle weapons and armor to minimally fill the void as they have done since the beginning of D2. I am pretty sure they will lose me as a future customer.

  5. Glad I got a full set of iron banner armor and most of the good weapons last week on my titans lol now I only gotta farm for my hunter 🤦

  6. So I am very new and I think I get it but I am not sure. So they will be adding higher level missions into the game and the old weapons won't be able to be upgraded past a certain amount?

  7. Bungie is slowly killing their own game. No fucking point on grinding for any weapons if they will later become pure garbage. Man I love the game but this is too much. They clearly don’t respect our time. So fuck bungie you mf’s ain’t getting my money anymore

  8. I'm a returning player to the game who hasn't played since maxing at the start. I'm worried with stuff leaving the game that I will miss out on exotics that I will need if I want to play the game effectively going forward. What exotics do I need to get before September to remain competitive moving into the future of D2? Are anarchy and other powerful exotics going to remain important and will be a must have for raiding?

  9. I’ve had the realization that when it comes to games like this, if you’re going to try to go for as long as Bungie is with this, something like sunsetting seems more or less necessary. I don’t like it, but power creep is a thing and we’ve seen it. Then things like Recluse and Mountaintop(should be exotics) are irreplaceable. There won’t be better gear to use outside of a few specific encounters where activity mechanics require it. What kind of a loot game is this if there’s never any better loot to go for? It’s a catch 22. Previous investments and effort are negated but there are new things to go for.

    My main issue is that since this is happening, make new gear only. Don’t re-release the same weapons. Then possibly just introduce transmog for weapons too. THAT’s what the collections system could be for. Transmog. I mean it’s mostly useless as it is now save for being able to see what you’ve earned and what you still need to earn if you’re into collecting things to check off a list.

  10. Anything from this point on is pointless in D2. It is absolutely a useless game, never any more collections of weapons, only disposable weapons. Unless you have no life this is a total waist of time.

  11. Everything Bungie is doing is because they can’t handle the size of this game anymore, they aren’t capable. They are reducing the size of the game by 60%; making weapons useless, making vault recycle bin, ripping off players and brainwashing players to believe they are all about the players. They are only interested in your money and will keep digging for it until you get smart enough to see it for what it is. They have some nerve I’ll give them that.

  12. Bungie keeps you chasing light level to the point of stupidity not giving time to accomplish anything else. Who the hell wants to chase disposable items and never ending light. Stupid game now.

  13. I actually enjoy playing a verity of game's but destiny obviously doesn't like that and clearly want me to do nothing else other than keep grinding forever and ever and ever. Bollocks to this.


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