Destiny 2: First Reactions to the Beyond Light Gameplay from Gamescom – Fireteam Chat Ep. 275

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New gameplay of Destiny 2 Beyond Light was revealed during Gamescom 2020 and it showcased all of the new stasis abilities and super in action. We share our first reactions and lingering questions about the new footage. Lord Cognito joins us from The Last Word Destiny podcast to go over all the new details!

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30 thoughts on “Destiny 2: First Reactions to the Beyond Light Gameplay from Gamescom – Fireteam Chat Ep. 275”

  1. Everybody seems to be approaching this as if each Super has only one mode. Each of the other elements has different modes for their Supers – it seems likely that there will different versions of each the Stasis Supers as well.

  2. I'm leaning towards early to mid story campaign unlock of the new subclass.

    While not hugely promoted there are part of the promotional material that emphasis the importance of us needing to wield the darkness to defeat Erimis.

    And since she is clearly going to be the story campaign end boss it makes sense we need to have the new subclass by the time that last story mission comes around.

  3. Loved this episode! love the enthusiasm! been a while since ive played destiny but i am excited to get back into it. im not too concerned with amount or types of content but more of at the end of the game I just want to say i had fun playing it.

  4. Not sure I like “ice” as the darkness power.
    I pictured something more like the effect that surrounds the Taken or the ascendant realms.
    Something definitely more “dark”

    But I’m sure once I play it I’ll be like, “Yeah, this is cool”

  5. The sword is the best weapon you could have and it's my livelihood, I have a real Black Ninja Sword. Why would you want to destroy it by adding ammo to it?

  6. Her name is elsie, ana's sister from another timeline.
    The two will be important for us to make our way to the deep stone crypt. The raid will be about retrieving something that has been hidden there. A means to fight the darkness. A secret rasputin's exos extracted from titan during the first collapse.
    The raid's architecture will also look like the archology from titan and the final boss will probably not be eramis.

  7. If these powers actually work as they are shown..then there is no reason for retiring weapons and armor because "muh power creep". Getting rid of weapons and armor to make sure we don't get too powerful and then give us new subclasses that…freeze players in place, probably for 5 seconds, and boom they're dead. But knowing bungie they'll nerf it eventually.


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