Destiny 2 Conspiracy Theory (The Classes Identity)

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From Beyond Light to Witch Queen to Lightfall, I have figured it out!

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32 thoughts on “Destiny 2 Conspiracy Theory (The Classes Identity)”

  1. Bungie just hates Titans man it’s like it should’ve given loreley (I forgot how to spell it) splendor helm and cuirass of the falling star and finally helm of saint-14 which are all in my opinion the best for each of those especially Splendor helm

  2. I don’t know about the Titan exotics, but the reason they didn’t give Hunter Liar’s Handshake is because it doesn’t work properly, and I think they know it, and just can’t be bothered to fix it.

  3. Young Ahamkara is great, but I feel like it’d be a terrible first exotic for a new player. It’s centered around spamming trip mines and the throwing knife loop, which limits a lot of possible play styles.

    I feel like a more basic one that’s also versatile in regard to builds would be Athrys’s Embrace or Celestial Nighthawk.

  4. As someone who just made a titan after 3 months of being a hunter/warlock player since starting and having a mindset of “FUCK TITANS” and then having a friend really sell me on titans, this makes things better for me to play the class as I notice Heart of Inmost Light and Dunemarchers are what he uses a lot.

  5. Titan exotics are 100% a case of bungie not wanting player flak for making "newb traps" in the form of giving new players exotics that aren't really that good.

  6. This is my theory: Bungie went with what was being used by the players, but they also didn't want to be too recent, which their cutoff seems to be Forsaken, nor take up the same armor slot as another exotic on the list.

    If we follow this idea, then Warlocks make perfect sense. Titans become more clear for what was chosen, as Hoil is the most used exotic from before Forasken that improves Void Titans. Synthoceps is a powerful tool with Solar in PvE and has one of the top usage rates with Solar. And Dunemarchers is a shoe-in because of it's usefulness in PvP and because Hoil was taken. Would Skullfort be better though? Probably, but there was also probably less usage.

    This leaves Hunters. Graviton and Ahamkara Spine make sense, but the Sixth Coyote doesn't. Even with these filters I mentioned at the beginning, it doesn't make sense. My only guess would be for build crafting, since the other option, Raiden Flux, locks you into a single super option.

  7. Each choice was a previously meta defining play style characteristic for each class; the hunter had invis, dodge spam, and trip And titan got dunys, mini hammer spam, and overshield, i think bungie is taking notes on the most effective and favorite load outs from the community and providing them early on as a form of advertisement to new players, or to showcase the most recently balanced play-styles

  8. I beg to differ for coyote it works great having an extra dodge on arc hunter that way if you weren't close enough to any enemies to recharge your melee you have a second chance to recharge

  9. For Titan should have been:

    Arc: HOIL
    Solar: Hallowfire Heart or Ashen Wake
    Void: Doomfang Paudron or Ursa Furiosa

    I know HOIL is neutral game but the exotic became soo much part of the Arc Titan that it is hard not to thing Arc Titan with anything aside from HOIL.

  10. TBH Sixth Coyote is literally the most hunter exotic. it's also completely under the radar as using it properly requires a good understanding of build crafting, used properly it is one of the most busted OP exotic armors in the game. See Sixth Coyote Suspend build for reference, Sixth Coyote Revenant is Busted as hell too. I have over 250k kills on that build.


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