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Hey Guardians! Today we discuss what we know on the Deep Stone Crypt for Destiny 2’s upcoming expansion Beyond Light! Cayde-6 told us lots of info on the past involving the place he was born into an Exo body. Lets discuss the Crypt, Cayde and the Exo Stranger!

“Destiny 2 Deep Stone Crypt”
“Destiny 2 Cayde 6″
“Destiny 2 Beyond Light”
“Destiny 2 Exos”
“Destiny 2 Beyond Light”

Thanks for watching! Im Evade and ill catch ya in the next one 🙂


34 thoughts on “Destiny 2 – CAYDE & THE DEEP STONE CRYPT!”

  1. i bet you start off human you go into a cryo pod and your consciousness it transferred into the robot body… if your an exo maybe your body is still out there somewhere.

  2. I love how at the end of d1 they said the stranger was just an npc that didn't matter. The community exploded and now it is Elsi Brey. Which makes sense. Why do that though? Fix the story that broke when the original story author quit because of Activision's involvement. Half the players if not more love the story of destiny. Especially the hive. They have such a huge back story. We know some about both the Vex and Cabal but still nothing about the fallen, and they had their own dlc (house of wolves) all we know is that they encounter the traveler, the "whirlwind"? Happened and they followed chasing the traveler after it left. Finish the story for all not some. Basically I'm mad because as a year 1 destiny player who loves the lore I have been left hanging on who the fallen truly are and where they came from and what happened to them. Also… Drang?!!! The best and only real fallen weapon of note. And its not good! Cmon bungie, show the fallen some love. You could make such a hard raid with them. Imagine Verriks as a number 3 boss with someone harder and then the raid boss. So hard! A boy can dream though… PLUS SERVITORS!!!

  3. Clovis Bray is related with the darkness more than we know. Exo stranger is a bray and she has always been shown as if she knows so much more about darkness, perhaps she has darkness powers, the way Guardians have light.
    May Clovis bray knew about these pyramids, the whole battle thing sound familiar to sword logic.
    Maybe the made they exo program to study darkness and as the darkness took over their minds, they wiped their memories. Maybe thats what they did not want other to know, that they knew about darkness all along but did not really warn us about. They made Rasputin- would have cost them trillions. Maybe they knew that potentially darkness could be bad for them.
    This makes a little sense, right? I am just making things up. lol

  4. I still can't shake the fact that Cayde-6 let us know that his number should be much higher, but he stopped at 6. Something about the number 7 gives him the pause. And if we ever encounter a Cayde-7, that someone isn't playing by the rules, and we "should do something about that". I would love to see a Cayde-7 as a boss somehow. Perhaps the end of the Campaign, and have Eramis be the Raid boss?

  5. What if Siva comes back and inhabits an exo or we have to fight Siva exos. It's possible because the fallen boss in the zero hour mission was loyal to eramis. It seems like eramis knows about Siva because she tried to have it stolen.


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