Destiny 2 Beyond Light Weapons and Gear Trailer

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The new Destiny 2 Beyond Light Weapons & Gear trailer has some exciting and crazy looking exotics. Crucible could be in for some big shake ups when Stasis and new exotics land in Destiny 2 Beyond Light.

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17 thoughts on “Destiny 2 Beyond Light Weapons and Gear Trailer”

  1. What makes blink “weak” its because you don’t break aim assist + its in first person, mean you can lose track of you target. The hunter helmet looks like it may not have does issues.

  2. You said it before Lono, but they are adding P O I S O N effects to things! Could we be seeing the start of more elemental perks?
    Overall I dont care at all about Crucible and these exotics' effects on it. I always look at the PvE side of things and I am REALLY excited about new PvE builds to use with these, especially those Titan exotics.
    I really do hope we can change elements/champion mods on weapons tho…

  3. I feel like they're trying to make crucible into something that you jump into now and again just for fun – rather than an entire different playstyle.

  4. I'm never gonna take off those Titan gauntlets, the ability to pop an overshield instead of just a barrier is gonna be so fun. Especially with fragments and aspects altering our abilities, I feel like I'll be able to make multiple different playstyle builds centered around this one exotic.

  5. I hope this breaks PvP. Crucible should be a side activity that's fun in short bursts. Not an all or nothing sweatfest to the death. We need more cool exotics and abilities that make it easy for anyone to get kills. Hopefully all the sweat lords will migrate to halo and this game can finally take on its true identity.


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