Destiny 2 Beyond Light: Weapon Nerfs Are Coming – Fireteam Chat Ep. 282

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The first story trailer for Destiny 2 Beyond Light is here featuring Eramis and her plot to conquer the machine. In addition, we get a look at all of the weapon changes about to come in!

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45 thoughts on “Destiny 2 Beyond Light: Weapon Nerfs Are Coming – Fireteam Chat Ep. 282”

  1. I am upset with sniper nerf because I used low zoom snipers to battle arbelest and they nerfed snipers aim assist while leaving arblest untouched for pvp. Just move it to heavy slot already.

  2. How Bungie continues to make mistakes and mind boggling decisions in the name of balancing, is crazy to behold.
    How do they continue to go 2 step forward and 10 steps backwards.. expansion after season after season after update after season after update after expansion is beyond me ?

  3. Hey guys.
    I usually listen to the podcast on Spotify, but this episode isn't available yet 🙁 Hope it will be soon.
    Always love my weekly news round up of all things Destiny.
    Thank you Guardians 👍

  4. I have been saying this since they announced content vaulting. Before even. They should go thr MMO route to truly create a ever evovling world. You have to chnage and grow the land scapes. When the dlc drops they should remove all the cable stuff from earth. All the huge ships and drills and ect. We have had that for years. They have been defeated remove them and replace them and the land scape. With new things. Show how the edz has grown in the years since the war. That's a ever evovling world

  5. 1. Aim assist in this game 100% exists on PC/M&K as well, in a big way.
    2. Hand cannons still got a big range buff, let's not completely ignore that even though the lack of lightweight movement for 150's is certainly a nerf.
    3. The nerf to 600 autos is hopefully in itself an indirect buff to everything else, especially stuff like handcannons.

  6. Why was there no smg buff talked about? Do they really think smg's are ok right now? Pretty disappointed in this sandbox update…really hope there's more to it. Also no subclass tuning or exotic armor tuning.

  7. The only catalysts I don’t have are Hard Light, Cold Heart and Prospector. Those 3 are only available in Strikes. And I have long since completed all of the catalysts that I do have. And I have ran many, many strikes of all variations to get the 3 remaining. The drop rate very much seems to NOT be effected by how many catalysts you have or how many you have incomplete.

  8. Great content as always and LOVE the show! Can’t help but notice there is a very faint squeaking/wheezing noise through most of this chat! What was that? Or did one of you have a whistley nose? Haha

  9. Unpopular opinion, I think the removal of (most) 150 hand canons is a step in the right direction, there was literally no reason to use a 140 hc over a 150 in the current meta and something needed to be done.

    140 didn't have any more forgiveness, you still needed to hit 3 crits, you didn't get any more range with a 140.. 150 has better handling, more aim assist, an increase in mobility and the better ttk.
    And competitive PvP modes are ruled by stacked teams running dire/spares.
    I think this change will bring a lot more variety to pvp

  10. It feels like they want the sandbox to be flatter and push us into using more abilities (stasis) and buffs (charged with light). Weapons will soon become mere stat distributors instead of how we express and experiment gunplay and gameplay.

  11. It’s kinda funny how every thing they do to trials just fucks the game mode even more. They need to focus on getting more people into the playlist. Not this rich get richer mentality. If there was weekly repeatable bounties that gave armor and weapons, and a random chance at the end of a match for gear you’ve unlocked that season to drop then I would play it. But until they make the playlist have a reason for people like me who can get 5 wins, but not flawless to go into it, it’s gonna remain dead.


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