Destiny 2 Beyond Light ViDoc Reaction

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Im currently on a little staycation but wanted to watch this ViDoc with yall.

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36 thoughts on “Destiny 2 Beyond Light ViDoc Reaction”

  1. Ur right Destiny 2's engine does make D1 content "look weird". Its cause the lighting and colours have changed dramatically. In D1 there wasn't as much contrast or very strong colours (or as many) and there was no HDR. However, in saying this it is not an upgrade. The forgotten shore looks dull now and the lighting looks less natural. Or at least that's what I think. Still looks amazing but artistically D1 set a better mood and atmosphere.

  2. Gotta say I’m pretty hyped for witch queen. Warmind was a hive dlc but not really. This next one will not only have a completely new planet but it’s a hive god they’ve hyped up for years. It’ll be like the taken king again. And we’ll probably kill her in the raid. That’s hype

  3. As much as we hate on Destiny over the years, and we do, but it’s usually because we just want more. And making content like FF14 or WoW for a game like this is soooooo much more difficult.

    We will be sad when Destiny is gone. TBH, there has never been an experience like this!

  4. also the traveler killed the darkness army so the darkness is reaching out to all to create a new darkness proxy army like the traveler with ghosts, how ever the darkness might have been brought to our door step by clovis brey


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