Destiny 2 Beyond Light Vendor Armor [Past Broadcast]

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Lono discussed the Vendor armor update coming in Destiny 2 Beyond Light with Q&A and VIP Call Ins. Q&A and VIP time stamps are below!

0:00 Start Live
2:42:32 – Beyond Light Vendor Armor
3:23:02 – Q&A Session
5:02:49 – Viewer Call ins

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7 thoughts on “Destiny 2 Beyond Light Vendor Armor [Past Broadcast]”

  1. Based on the hundreds (thousands) of weapons we’ve gotten from recasted/fractaline, etc, and the relatively low occurrence of “god rolls” I’m not in favor of getting most of your weapon drops “in the world.” We know Bungie doesn’t think things all the way through. I think it’s more than likely that if Bungie removes much of the loot from the tower, we’re gonna be left with little loot for our troubles at all. And god rolls will become endangered species.

    Your focus on endgame loot is understandable, but misplaced for the “normal” player. With the tiny (TINY) fraction of the playerbase who actually do raids, trials, and GM NF, I think Bungie making THOSE the primary source of good weapons/gear is a gross injustice to the playerbase at large. Definitely have cool stuff there, but most players get most of their used weapons from “vanilla” sources.

  2. I think people forget that when Bungie broke with Activision they lost 2 studios. Before each studio had two years (guessing here) to create content. Now given that it’s only Bungie they need a structure of content that they can safely pump out without working their people to the ground. So we are getting one set of new world drop each year. We are also getting raid armor and weapons. And new (yearly) trials armor and weapons. And new seasonal weapons and armor. Events. Etc.

  3. Every time I watch your videos they play 100% with no issues if someone’s having a problem and their Internet is garbage or the phone is old or they just have a bad connection wherever they are because I never have any issues ever just saying

  4. The fact that they made these 3 sets extend across all 3 core activities is sheer laziness on Bungie's end. Very generic and underwhelming armor designs as well. Nonsymetical as always where the rustic wear & tear aesthetics have no appeal anymore. We've seen this low end coding for far too long Bungie!


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