Destiny 2 Beyond Light Vendor Armor

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Destiny 2 Beyond Light will have a vendor update for the Vanguard, Crucible, and Gambit. But the armor is not quite what some players wanted to see after 2 years of no vendor refreshes. Q&A and Call in links are below.

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19 thoughts on “Destiny 2 Beyond Light Vendor Armor”

  1. I don't understand why people aren't happy with how the armor looks like. With ornaments it doesn't matter. The only think that are important is knowing if they will drop with high stats.

  2. The loot pool is bogus I think: you should not get crucible gear from Zavala and vanguard gear from shaxx! You should not. This is clear stupidity just to make it stupid hard to get anything.

  3. I just think this further proves they just dont have enough man power to put out stuff like vendor refreshes and instead mostly focus on the new content. Which is also why the theory of Microsoft buying them back could be a good thing as long as Bungie can control the IP. Also yeah I am not a fan of the call ins, I think if people could just ask their question and not give a long winded explanation it would help.

  4. I dont know anybody who runs a full set of any of the vendors this whole year. Not saying there is nobody that does but i am ok with what they are doing because it will mean more resources being put into other content. The new raid gear, trials gear etc. Its gonna be lit

  5. Bungie is very disappointing already I see them squeezing juice to Lemonade juice from the lemon as if they have no resources as if they have no art Department as if there is zero creativity in this fucking game it's a very sad to see them year after year fall really short from from hitting amazing, and memorable. I can already feel the content being short as hell you got us doing the same strikes and it's year 4 of this game why why not all new strikes what's the problem when are you going to wrap this story up and move on why is everything so ambiguous everything is hidden the weapons look horrible you guys were on to something in Destiny 1 the armor looks horrible the shaders look like shit the music is trash what the fuck.

  6. Look the game is done with dude
    The b team just can't do it anymore
    They are moving on just like massive
    With the division they focusing on avatar which if done right and play tested by their A team.
    Might take out both of these dead horse games

  7. I really dont see the point of making crucible and vanguard world loot, like whats even the point of having vanguard and crucible tokens at that point, might as well just have one universal curency between the two since theres no damn difference in the loot ur gonna get


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