Destiny 2 – Beyond Light, The Witch Queen, Lightfall & Destiny Content Vault + Vault of Glass Return

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Destiny 2 – Beyond Light, The Witch Queen, Lightfall & Destiny Content Vault + Vault of Glass Return (Year 4 Reveal Highlights Supercut)

I decided to make supercut of the Year 4 reveal stream, showcasing the most important changes coming to Destiny 2 as well as what the future may hold. We’ll face Eramis this fall on November 10, Savathun in 2021 and The Darkness in 2022 in Lightfall. Also, classic raids like Vault of Glass are returning and will be reimagined. The next few years are looking bright and we will be entering, as Bungie calls it, “an era of Darkness”…

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27 thoughts on “Destiny 2 – Beyond Light, The Witch Queen, Lightfall & Destiny Content Vault + Vault of Glass Return”

  1. You know as scary as the pyramids and Savathun are…there's still ONE more sister that has yet to appear. And considering she gets stronger through war….we're fueling Xivu Arath for a terrifying showdown

  2. I've been thinking about this for a while, but do y'all think the developers are gonna explain how the classic strikes and raids from D1 will fit into Destiny 2's narrative and continuity? For example: how is Sepiks Prime/Sepiks Perfected lurking around the Cosmodrome if we killed it twice over back in D1?

  3. “How about.., an unsanctioned op, using modified stealth tech to infiltrate a dreadnaught above saturn’s rings. So we can knock out it’s weapons. Create a transmat zone. And send in the cavalry.”

    – Cayde-6
    Gone but not forgotten

  4. I still thinks that Destiny 1 is better than Destiny 2, however if they add VOG back from D1 and keep the same encounters and gear I will probably actually care about D2 again

  5. You guys remember in destiny 1 when we first meet the speaker he says "the darkness is coming back. We will not survive it a second time" and notice how the last dlc is called lightfall. I think the speaker somehow knew that the traveller is gonna get fucked eventually. My theory

  6. Soooo. No new shit, just recycled old shit? Oh, and by the way, all the shit you worked really hard to get, is now fucking useless. Thanks for playing. Delayed release of beyond light, for all you fucktards that still give these fuckers money.

  7. Beyond Light is civil war
    Witch Queen is infinity war
    Lightfall is endgame
    Also dark guardians may be a thing…With these expansions, this will be interesting of how destiny franchise will end off since they said they won't make a D3. Just my thoughts lol 😂😂🤷‍♂️🙌

  8. Give me a SIVA expansion, all D1 exotic armor, all D1 exotic weapons, the Dreadnaught, and all D1 supers, and Hunter blink and I don’t care what they do.


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