Destiny 2 Beyond Light Sunsetting

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We were previously LIVE with Destiny 2 Beyond Light discussing sunsetting and how Bungie communicated it so poorly. From Luke Smith’s Director’s Cuts to Bungie TWABs they consistently represented gear sunsetting inaccurately. Timestamps below!!

0:00 Start Live
3:28:30 Sunsetting Discussion
3:59:00 Q&A




11 thoughts on “Destiny 2 Beyond Light Sunsetting”

  1. 3:37:01 It's not just that. The fact that we're going through the campaign without our older gear, but also having us get blues and purples that have been in the game since Y1/Y2, doesn't even help to freshen up the experience. They needed to push out far more gear in order to make up for the breath of sunsetting they did, and they didn't deliver.

  2. Yeah agree (sunsetting for end content loop). But what I see is a few "here take some" for PvP lads.
    I even can't play the game as I was before BL. Just walking around with weapon and loads that match my playstyle, discover places, clearing sectors. Campaign. Oh you want campaign? Well cool! We make it increasing power! Go do some grind.

    Nice campaign good expansion but they just killed it with sunsetting all weapon I like to play with and build my gameplay around… Big oof Bungie.

  3. Knowing Bungo for so many Years … Yet still beliving what they say.. Man… ( need to learn read between what they say)
    Its just like knowing someone for years and hes always Late when you invite him for something , would you expect him to be on clock each time after like 5 years?

  4. Lono was obviously the last person to know what sunseting was gonna entail,maybe he should start watching other destiny 2 YouTubers like azterctoss who have done at least 2 videos explaining how bad sunseting was gonna be for the game.

  5. Why do you think Luke smith looks like he hasn’t slept in weeks and deej has left bungie?Might be something to do with the s#@tstorm they knew was coming to them when beyond light was released.

  6. Sunsetting works in games like World of Warcraft cause they release a lot more content with each expansion, but also make the previous expansion free. I can't imagine paying money for Forsaken or Shadowkeep knowing that the loot I get is worthless. Am I wrong? I haven't checked those areas out. Does the Shadowkeep stuff stay at 1060 even if you get it this season?

  7. See Datto’s video. He suggests that Sunsetting went down like this because Bungie is restructuring the perk trees and wants to get rid of certain (damage/reload) perks from the game. Bungie should have been more transparent, but Sunsetting is still necessary and what all loot games do to control power creep. This season will be traumatic, but the game is running 10x better on console right now.


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