Destiny 2 Beyond Light Strikes Update [Past Broadcast]

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Lono discussed the Vanguard Strikes update coming in Destiny 2 Beyond Light with Q&A and VIP Call Ins. Q&A and VIP time stamps are below!

0:00 Start live
2:55:02 Beyond Light Strikes Update
3:20:02 Q&A Session
5:02:02 VIP Call Ins

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6 thoughts on “Destiny 2 Beyond Light Strikes Update [Past Broadcast]”

  1. The timestamp links from the main video have never worked for me btw (desktop and mobile app) – I have to expand the description in the Past Broadcast vid and use the timestamp links there each time. It looks like even though the links' actual displayed text includes the timestamp parameter, the link destination itself is just the standard video URL.

    Just a minor thing but would make the shift to doing things this way less annoying for folks if this part worked.

  2. It's silly to say that, because Guided Games was a flop, Bungie don't need to develop in-game endgame LFG or matchmaking. New Light and Xbox Game-Pass will be wasted endeavors if Bungie can't capitalize on new players and funnel them into the endgame. There isn't even an in-game prompt to use the companion app. How would a new player know that it even exists? Additionally, matchmaking to get raid loot and matchmaking to get the resources to do something as basic as upgrading ones armour are really on two different levels. One level being reasonable, and the other level being dumb. Mats, and the means to acquire them, are altogether too rare.

  3. I think we all know this was meant to be D3. With that being said the way destiny usually goes is we start off with really cool content but it's not enough but they slowly fill in content as we go.


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