Destiny 2 Beyond Light Strikes Update

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Bungie announced changes to the Vanguard Strikes in Destiny 2 Beyond Light. I talk about why this is good, but also worried it is not enough. Q&A and VIP links below.

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14 thoughts on “Destiny 2 Beyond Light Strikes Update”

  1. I don't like that they are removing the choices I have when it comes to Nightfall strikes and Heroic adventures.

    Nightfall the Ordeal is a pain, and I don't want to do that every week, especially when it is on a 'long' strike, which there are many long strikes I enjoy, but having Nightfall the Ordeal on a long strike is such a pain. Nightfall the Ordeal is nasty and sometimes I may just want to do 'regular' nightfall. Plus, I don't really care for every single strike, so having some choices about which Nightfall I want to do is beneficial.

    Same thing for Heroic Story Adventures. When I need to complete a Heroic Adventure for a quest, i usually pick on of the easier Heroic Story Adventures from the Vanguard playlist that i would enjoy doing. I don't do any of the ones on the planets cause many times it's only available during flashpoints and furthermore, you are not given a choice of which one you want to do. I don't enjoy all adventures, some adventures would be a royal pain to do in Heroic.

    BUNGIE! PEASE STOP taking away my ability to CHOOSE what I want to do. The result of not having any choices for an activity is that i would end up NOT doing that activity because the activity has become unpleasant. It is really frustrating.

  2. It's funny I remember when the strike Playlist used to have strike specific loot and savala also had a high end bounty every week at the end of d1 that would reward nightfall type rewards. Oh how far down destiny has fallen.

  3. I dont really like GM’s atm. Great loot but i just want to have a relaxed experience sometimes but i know its way more optimal to grind GM’s than master.
    Its no fun grinding for hours and always have to be careful of getting 1 shotted.

  4. I hate having to chase power every season. I just want to reach end game and just stay like that for at least a year and focus on other activities or other things like trying to collect every armor or weapon set for the season.

  5. The fact they take loot away is dumb

    For example: Masters/GM’s should have guaranteed cores/prisms per run THEN the chance at exotics/shards not removed completely forcing players to grind lower tiers to farm.


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